Jordan Globall

Guys, with the intention of making more dynamic the footwear forum, I invite you to participate in this space for proposals of Jordan brand products.

When I saw the Jordan shoes catalog, I am amazed by the amount of styles launched. I imagine the design and marketing department as “A celebration of creativity.” In this brand, if there is room for aesthetic and functional innovations. It is very nice to see the wide range of aesthetic innovations in Jordan shoes.

I would also explore alternatives to basketball shoes, the Jordan brand has more growth potential, could even if they wanted to sell detergent. I want to explore in casual products, street fashion, and fine footwear. This is an open space. Welcome.

Well, now I have not enough time to do projects for fictitious products. But I will try to move forward at a good pace.

The first project I have in mind for Jordan Global, is a luxury product. I like the packages that include several products in one, but wrapped in a concept. The Jordan brand has all the potential in the world to develop different products, not just sports.
Before developing my concept for machines lawn mowers for Jordan Brand, I want to design a package of products that can be sold individually as well, but offering the consumer a concept purely lifestyle. I want to start with a shoe design, coupled with a perfume and a sandal.
Maybe a shoe for use in the gym, or for use after the gym. sandals for showering at the gym, and then use the perfume. And as a plus … gift towel. I do not know, but I want something luxurious, classic.

And putting the concept “Global”, encompassing the full range of styles and concepts of Nike. No limits.

Inspiration, hanging gardens, architectural columns, Roman costume.

The next challenge for Jordan Global, is to design a shoe to compete against the most important model for Nike basketball. I thought about going beyond the concept of Lebron james shoes, but for the benefit of the Jordan brand. I do not know, maybe be more aggressive within the same concept. Risking, challenge all Nike designers, and propose more.