Jordan Design interviews on new Jeter Official

Some behind the scenes interviews in Jordan HQ about the new Jeter Official, designed by Jason “Jay-Carter” Mayden, moderator of the projects section. A few are below (including one with an unreleased concept by myself…) for more go to , I think there are about 7 in total.

very cool! those jetere are pretty official (pun intended)…what meaterial is the grill-like piece at the rear? it was not mentioned in the interviews, also does the it function as anti-inversion protection? i am really feeling the look of the lateral side it is dope, jay said something about a tapex? fiberglass piece, is this a new tech/material?

Cool videos. Nice to hear a little about the details of the shoe. My favorite part was when Jay pulled out the samurai sword, that was quite unexpected.

Jordan brand is doing a great job of giving the consumer a full story and breakdown of there products. I am impressed and I think more brands should go towards this. I still would like to see more sketches…

YO an J now that the shoe is out and the videos are up and some of the sketches are in the video, maybe you guys could post up the project here on core. from hotel pics to sword and bats studies… initial sketches, prototypes ( like some of the shots seen on the XXI in the issue of Sole collector) some finished renderings, some of the issues/ problems that came up. how you solved them…etc\

I wonder what the feeling is like to be on a video…on J brand site…crazy. But both of you are doing your thang. (yo- saw those newspaper articles on your site- pics, sketches…nice write up)

Is this video documentation now a standard on the larger JB projects?



Thanks mm, will try to organize something to show the process… I’ll have to dig back from stuff that was from like 14 months ago though… so it might take me a minute…

We are trying to show more of what goes on behind the scenes. The two guys that design are site, Kofi Brown and Andy Whiteside, are on point. They are interested in what it takes to make these shoes, and correctly believe a bunch of other people are too. It is hard for kids to get an idea of what type of creative jobs are out there for them. This uses something as popular as J’s to show what could happen if you take that path.