Jordan design concept

I made this Jordan yesterday and i want to know what can i bring into my design to make it better.
It is inspired by the japanese culture, the flag and at the same time i wanted to do something that shows the power of MJ then i hand up by cutting the sun into parts to make it look li a crown. There is a lot of cut into this design but i thing it’s make it more vribrant. Tell me what u guyz think about this all concept from the japanese culture with the flag to the king with the crown.

Not a bad rendering. The Jordan XII was partially inspired by the Japanese flag.

I think you should look at JB’s latest post: 2 for 1: azk2 vs. azg2 the way he sets up explaining his inspiration, and the way he shows his process is more in line with what most places are looking for in a portfolio.

Think how your inspiration applies functionally and set some performance parameters. Are you focused on flexibility, weight, support, a combination of things, and why? How does your design address these things, and how do those elements work into other views besides a lateral sketch.

The rendering is good, clean and clear, you have a good sense of depth and proportion. Start infusing thoughts about materials and construction. What’s leather, what is foam, and what is rubber or plastic, or other materials. Keep pushing yourself.

Thank you Yo, i appreciate the time you spend giving us advices, i gona work on the details view and add some sketches so that the concept could be more clear. Thanks a lot and i enjoy talking to you, i’m gona push my self more and see what i can come up with to bring this concept to the next level.

i like the rendering, good stuff man! adding some lil’ extra details/elements could bring the level of the rendering up but you could do that endlessly…it might help to thinks of other things that fit or are totally opposite with the the inspiration/his airness…

as yo pointed out the xii’s:

were also inspired by the rising sun (and woman’s high heels i think) it has cool details as well…shh-eck em’ out

Junglebrodda: Thank you for the advice, could you tell me how to put materials, textures into photoshop? i have no idea right now how to do that.
It will help me :->