jordan 2010

new jordan 2010


tech seems great (ill have to try a pair on to see for myself) but the port hole on the side is going to have to grow on me. everything about the shoe looks sharp except for the giant clear window on the side. i know transparency was a design theme but that seems a little captain obvious of a solution.
(this is my first reaction to seeing the shoes. traditionally jordans take a while to grow on me so i may be singing a different tune about them after letting it sink in)

I feel the same way. My initial reaction was, “WHAT THE HELL?!” But after looking at high res photos, I can see that there are a lot of details to look at. I agree that the large cut out, while a cool feature, seems way too easy of a solution. I think it clashes with overall silhouette of the shoe. Yet somehow I can’t stop looking at it, which is probably why I respect Tinker so much, even when you think the design is terrible, he still manages to draw you in for a closer look. For now, the shoe is intriguing as opposed to disgusting for me.

A comfort sock in a high end basketball shoe?? whats the world coming to??? haha. :slight_smile: I bet ortholite is loving that (at least it looked like ortholite foam).


Cool video, gotta love a video that puts the product and designer center stage! i wonder how interested non-‘shoe people’ (by shoe people i mean people in the industry/students and not sneakerheads) or non-athletes are a video like this?

I love tinker’s marketing speak… “the game is changing, its a running game now”, haha, what a joke, yea its never been a running game, pffffft.

Also… im not sure about that porthole, but in the past the jordan shoes that have had dominating visual elements have been hot or miss for me, so we’ll see how this one grows on me. But tinker told the real story about why its there… Michael wanted a porthole so they had to put it on there… ok, i can relate to that.

the beauty with the jordan line is that hindsight always shines a light on the beauty the designers imbued the shoe with. i look back on every jordan shoe with fond memories, but it seems the older the shoe, the more i ask myself, ‘why didn’t i appreciate it more when it was out?’. i saw the leaked pictures and it seemed JB listened and took that logo off of the final product. if they had kept it, the shoe would have looked like the jumpman pro quick 2010 (not that there’s anything wrong with that shoe, i actually love that design).

jordans are what the neptunes/n.e.r.d. were to music when they first came out. you would hear a track and you would think, ‘wtf were they thinking? this beat is wack!’…only to find a few months later that you actually liked the song, but just didn’t understand it because it was a little ahead of it’s time.

like someone posted, i think that the window to represent a window is a little too obvious. i mean, in my opinion, the ultraflight had the market locked on windows and see-through elements of a shoe (disregarding the espo since it yellowed and it wasn’t a real ‘performance’ element).

in the end, i like it, but it’s just a little too plain. where’s the flair? even the XI and XVI had patent leather to spruce it up. i wonder what part of the shoe makes it cost $170 though…i mean, they used no new tech, common materials, no funky print or lasered anything to warrant the cost.

Whos said the n.e.r.d. stuff was wack when it first came out?!??!? haha, i know what you mean.
btw, in search of is one of my top 5 fav albums all time.

this part…

I feel the same way. My initial reaction was, “WHAT THE HELL?!” But after looking at high res photos, I can see that there are a lot of details to look at.

With the right lighting and direction,you could take high res photo of a turd and make it look appealing. The vamp and the midsole are interesting, but the rest of the shoe is hideous. The perforated porthole is sure to get condensation on the inside and look cloudy when played in, the eyerow looks obtrusive and pointless, the material selection was obvious. It appears like they tried to look different just to be different. I’ve seen much better designs come from students posting renderings on this site.

Jordan… Please try harder next time,

dziner82 with the punchline! I didn’t want to say it because I love what those guys at JB do, but yeah, the logo probably adds $100 easy to the shoe.

I think that it’s a nice shoe and would be coveted much more if it wasn’t a Jordan. I guess we expect amazing things from them and maye from a performance standpoint this shoe will deliver, but the materials and overall story just aren’t enough for me.

This is a hit for me! Everything an AJ should be- Loved or hated. But not middle-of-the-road. You can’t walk by these and NOT pick them up- like em or not. This will be a classic. And I REALLY hated the first samples that surfaced.


When these pictures surfaced a couple days ago I thought these shoes were “UGLY”, but I wanted to see the story/inspiration behind the shoe because most times it makes you look at the product differently. After watching the video I still think the shoe is ugly. I think the shoe should be at least $50 cheaper. As someone said earlier there is nothing about the design that warrants $175. I like the outsole design, but the way it is broken up reminds me of the AJ XIII. I don’t recall the story behind the midsole graphic, but I think I like it. I wish the window was only on the lateral side, with the logo placed in it. If this shoe was released by any other other brand I don’t think people would be calling this a classic. Sorry if I sounded too harsh.

I think the giant clear circle is pretty sweet. Its the thick black outline I could do without, hopefully it won’t be in a contrast color on the other colorways.

Did anyone catch on to the part about the vamp/toe overlay? It’s ‘hinged’ around the edge of where the vamp flexes. Genius. No more forefoot flex wrinkles. I’ve been trying to think of a elegant way to solve that problem since the day after I got my hyperflights.

Love that clear outsole too.

I agree with your first point, that bold outline i think is worse then the circle itself. On a colorway where the outline is the wame color as the quater then I might like the look alot more. Definitely a lot of color blocking on this shoe that they can get creative with and switch up the look.

On the hinged toebox… i need to see it in person, im not sure by looking at the video (and a couple crappy pics i could find. anyone have a link to HQ pics?) that it will actually do anything different, but if it does then sweet.