Jony Ive Moving On

That mouse was a fail because of size too. I have pretty average sized hands and I remember it being almost painfully small. Beautifully fit with the iMac though.

all the other designers in the studio I was working in made fun of me because I refused to let go of my round apple mouse when they all switched to ergo Logitech ones.

I got suckered into that first iMac, in that same Bondi Blue. Worse, it was a recommendation I gave to my MOTHER. Once we got past how fun it was to look at, and how well the OOBE was planned with that top handle, we had to live with a total lemon of a computer. Played a lot of good Nanosaur rounds on that box though. You get to use the keyboard for that, not the mouse. People were making money selling snap-on covers for the mouse to make them a more human-friendly shape.