Jony Ive interview at Wired.

The arrogant being interviewed by the arrogant – YIKES!!!

(RE:WIRED 2021: Jony Ive on the iPod, Wearables, and LoveFrom's Future | WIRED )

Link disabled because it is a paywall - sorry.

Paywall. Care to copy/paste?

My apologies to all. I didn’t realize that it was only available to WIRED subscribers. WIRED wouldn’t let me share a link. If you have an opportunity to see the interview video it’s shocking to see how arrogant both Anna Wintour and Jony Ive are - the facial expressions, body language, and the clothing are necessary.

Thanks! Sounds fun.

“Ahhh, Newcastle Polytechnic, was it? A real workingman we have here.” JFC how insufferable.

(runs backstage, gargles with Chanel #5)

Is this the interview?

Yeah that’s the new one, the photo I put up was from a 2018 interview. Couldn’t give two sh**s what Wintour thinks of Jony and vv.

How the mighty have fallen. I just don’t care enough to watch.

Nice to see the subtitles and thus the contents start with:

“upbeat music”

I’ll have that for every morning wakeup from now. Does not disturb the dogs or wake the girl next to me.

Just subtitles.

That’s it, thanks for find the video and posting it.

Just prior to clicking on this video, my music player randomly was on Gary Has A Boner by The Replacements. I find the video my offensive.

I was just listening to Let It Be this week too!