Jony Ive bio

Is anyone reading this yet? When Jobs’ bio came out it seemed like core77 and FastCo were writing an article for every 5 pages they read, citing anything design related. And here I see nothing from this one… Perhaps it’s all old stuff for fanboys?

Anyway, I’ve only come about 30% on my Kindle edition (no images in a book about design = bad), but there are lots of interesting ID anecdotes here. From everything you expect, like how Jony was as student, to Apple poaching Giugiaro and L Collani to design for them. (GG submitted clay models of unmanufacturable desktops and LC suggested a keyboard modeled off a “women’s bottoms” because men like to grab those). Also background on Frog’s exclusive contract, Brunner and Lunar, Tangerine, and even super-nerdy insight on how CAD & Unigraphics entered ID dept. Also just read how the whole “Jobs came back to Apple, walked into ID studio and found Jony’s old iMac model, was blown away and bet the company on it” isn’t exactly accurate.

Good stuff.

Not sure that I want to discuss anything in particular, just a heads up that this is a good read for ID gossip.

When you’re done, write a review and submit it to Core77. I’m sure they would toss it on the blog. Sounds interesting!