joinery for aluminium pipes

I am working on making temporary shelters for automobile free checkup camps.
I would be grateful if you could send me links where I can find information about making temperory joints between aluminium pipes.

thanks in advance.

search for expanding spigots - litestructures in england makes several different sizes, Also fabric structure companies like Moss and Fabric Images use them in their stuctures. Not sure where they buy them from though, and I doubt they would sell you just the connectors. Grainger doesn’t seem to have them.

also try search using tube, not pipe.

What kind of angle are the pipe going at , I know that MicoMetals in cork ireland do a type of connector something like what I used as a kid when working with straws if its anygood

here try this …

i used this pipe in some furniture i built, and it has the reset screw to it, and can be taken apart with a allen wrech