John Johansen Modern House for only $2.8M

This is better than that faux FLW house on an island…

From the same group of architects as Phillip Johnson (of the Glass House) … The only surviving member of the Harvard Five, architect John Johansen settled in Connecticut in the 1940s, along with Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson and Eliot Noyes.


I would love having an atrium like that, in the center. The approach, staircase, and entryway would also be wonderful to come home to.

The kitchen could use an update - looks like it was done in the mid-80’s.

The bedroom furniture is awful!

I guess I took growing up in Columbus, Indiana for granted. A sleepy little farm/factory town located on the flat in southern Indiana, with astounding architecture. Home of among other corporations in the middle of the last century, Cummins Engine Company; as an attraction to world-class engineering talent, it paid architectural fees for many community structures.

Residence of J. Irwin Miller, major stockholder, and CEO, Cummins Diesel Engine Company
Architect; Eero Saarinen
Contstucted: 1953
Designated a National Historic Landmark; 2000


The best example of architecture in southern Indiana is the West Baden Springs Dome.


The best example of architecture in southern Indiana is the West Baden Springs Dome.

Located in French Lick, Indiana, about an hour further south of Columbus.
Architect; Henry Albright
The world’s tallest free standing dome (200 feet [61M]) from 1902 -1913

But not the only example…

First Baptist Church
Architect: Harry Weese
Columbus, Indiana

First Christian Church
Columbus, Indiana
Architect: Eliel Saarinen
Interior appointments designed by Eero Saarinen

Cleo Rodger Memorial Library (across the street from the First Christian Church)
Columbus, Indiana
Architect: I.M. Pei

Central Fire Station
Columbus, Indiana
Architects: Leighton Brothers

North Christian Church
Columbus, Indiana
Architect: Eero Saarinen

City Hall
Columbus, Indiana
Architect: Edward Charles Bassett (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill)

Irwin Union Bank & Trust
Columbus, Indiana
Architect: Eero Saarinen

Cummins Engine Company
Corporate Offices
Columbus, Indiana
Featuring the renovated Ceraline Building (Cummins’ first factory building)
Architect: Kevin Roche

a few among many…

It is interesting to see how the formative architects of the second generation modernism built homes
all around the world in the most unlikely places.

Currently for sale is also one of the renown NEUTRA houses in Germany, located at the outskirts
of Wuppertal. In my humble eyes the californian architecture of those doesn’t work too well in our
wet, rainy climate and a landscape with steep hills, but it is a registered landmark never the less.

[Dr. Kemper residence]

As interesting as MCM architecture might be I am more interested in the newest solutions, that yet
are to be built. One reads, that Naomi Campbells russian fiancee commissioned Zaha Hadid to build
a private home. That’s how to do it…


P.S.: Maintaining that structure will be costly and I can already imagine how it’ll probably look 100 years
from now, but I’d bet russian oligarchs couldn’t care less.

Something to consider if you’re in the vicinity…

Architecture & Design Museum > Los Angeles
6032 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036

Eero Saarinen; A Reputation For Innovation
October 5, 2012 - January 3, 2013

Not anymore. Betcha that house’s value just went up.

Thanks for the interesting link. This article while being an obituary scratches on
the sufaces of why the “modernist” movements strugle to maintain a lasting
impact on architectural legacy and uses the example of the Labyrinth house, which
was errected in 1966 and already wiped out in 1988 ,( casualty of the incomprehension
of the public and neighbourhood) to make the point.


… and already wiped out in 1988

As in, bull-dozed and hauled away in dump trucks wiped out? :confused: A shame.

If you google 5 Settlers Trail, Darien, Connecticut (the address of the Goodyear house (found in the link)), and take a look at the surrounding homes, it makes you wonder what it must have been like when Johnson evaluated the site … and the new owners will have as view shed (compared to what it was originally), and what the surrounding “neighbors” think of it now; especially in winter when the foliage is gone.