Jobs in Thailand?

I am very new to all things Industrial Design, I am transfering to ID (or attempting to), after ten years working within the design for print/publishing sector.

I have a place confirmed on the Masters Industrial Design course in Manchester, but really I want to either study in Thailand, or study here and follow the 1 year course with work in Thailand.

Is anybody aware of the potential to work in Thailand as a non-Thai speaker within the field of Industrial Design? Or, where I can go to find out?

Why Thailand? Oh yeah, GIRLS

Not really because of the girls, it is true I like Thai girls, I also Argentinian, Cambodian and New Zealand girls, but I dont want to work there!

I love the liberal freedom out there, no traffic wardens or speed cameras to piss me off foor starters. And even if Im working in Bangkok Im only an hour from beautiful islands in the south, and amazing Chiang Mai and Pai in the North.
Sure beats England!

It’s clean, safe, people are nice, very high tech, you’d still be close to all those places you mentioned and the pay is better than the Thai bhat currency

my bf is thai and he wants to stay in the US cuz he says there’s no real work in Thailand for ID. another thai graduate is doing graphic right now, no luck in ID either… and also baht isnt’ so strong.

if you wanna go for other things like culture, food, Thai people experiences, than I would recommend it.

As for ID… it’s for sure not in the top ranks.

well thats my 2 cents

It is possible to work as ID designer in Thailand. I also work as industrial design in Bangkok. It depend on your purpose to work here. My friend who come from oversea he start do some design in small scale first. He is not work for the company. He start with local product which can apply to industrial design.
I would recommend you to study in UK and visit Thailand to do some project in Thailand. You can visit Thailand for 3 months without Visa and you can extend time to stay by crossing border and comback again. (only 3-4 hour from BKK by car).
If you would like to work for company you need to have ID experience.

The payment in Thailand is low.
There are Industrial design course in Bagkok (international course) you can visit at