Jobs (huh)

:neutral_face: ok this may seem like a stupid question 2 you all but how r you supost 2 get a job in another country? beets me, all the jobs going are 4 the US, ok i live in the UK and i would realy like to work in Japan, how on earth would i go about this, :confused: ,if its not a stupid question and u can help me plz email me on :neutral_face:

It’s not a stupid question.

To begin, I would check out the immigration process. In countries like Japan, it may be very difficult for companies to hire foreigners, but check. I am sure there is a website, probably in english, that describes the countries policies.

Second, research the country’s design sector thoroughly. I made the mistake of having the right portfolio for the wrong market, don’t make the same mistake!

Contact companies in that country that you would like to work for. Send them a resume and some samples, then follow up with phone calls. Since you are going to be more work for them to hire, you will need to sell yourself twice as hard.

Hopefully by this stage you’ve gotten some positive feedback, and feel like there is a place for you. Now is the time for the big jump. Put some time aside to visit some firms. Get on the phone again, and let the companies know you are coming and you want to meet with them. Get some interviews lined up. Also, by visiting, you will hopefully find out if the place of dreams is actually a nightmare. Immigrating isn’t easy, even if it is to another developed country.

Good luck, and send us a post card.

Good words of advice by Mr-914. If you are seriously considering Japan, find and target a few places you would like to work…and contact them. I have been to Japan twice and while it is an exciting and different place, working there might be a whole other story.

Since you are a foreigner, your best bet is to get hooked up with a native company (from your country) that happens to have a location (or office) there. If not, it would be VERY tough to score a gig at a Japanese company…unless of course you speak and write Japanese, and are aware of how their culture works…not too many people speak english there…well, they do…but are sort of tentative about it :slight_smile:

I was in Japan this summer with the gf and had a few days to spare. Knowing this ahead of time I found some firms and researched them prior to going…asking if they’d be free to meet up and talk design with a foreigner. Sure enough two places wrote me back and I had interviews. Although I knew it wouldn’t turn into anything now, it was good to network.

I think you can get a tourist visa for 90 days. But you cannot work or get paid on something like that(at least coming from the US). Sorry I can’t be of more help…but definately target a few places you would like to work.

Good luck!