got call few minutes ago from friend. he mentioned company is hiring an ID person. asked if i could refer anyone. expect it’ll list on Core in a couple weeks. it’s in Chicago. not a flashy position. probably alot of grunt design work. alot of research.

interested? post link to your corefolio here. ONLY corefolios. happy to review. will pass on good links directly to my contact. no first-time posters/members. community people. early look-over might be the advantage. will do this until end of the week so regulars have opportunity. after that its too late.

no guarantees. just my email to him with your link. good luck.

Here is my corefolio: Jason Lantagne, Industrial Designer in Kings Park, NY

I’m a recent graduate and looking for an entry level position if they have any openings. I’m in Grand Rapids now but more then willing to move and I could stay with relatives until I was situated if necessary. Thanks for passing this on to us.

one name it is. done. will pass it on.

email sent.

it doesnt hurt to try:

recent grad too, in atl but willing to relocate

Recent OSU grad in Columbus:

another year to graduate.But look forward to freelance opportunities/future employment. Thanks

sorry folks. core has regular job board. this was temporary. have to respect core’s need to make money with job postings.

wish i could help more. but the person wasnt looking for this kind of reference. i decided to overstep my bounds. best not to push it with him. or others in the future.

I am home based Mechanical Design Engineer located in PHILIPPINES, serving people with SolidWorks design and drafting solutions. My services can offer your company an alternate source for your design and drafting requirements without the need to bring on additional staff for your peak workloads or occasional design and drafting project. My functional areas include:

・Mechanical Design Engineering
・Product Design and Development(PLASTICS)
・3D Solidworks Solid Modeling and Detailing

With over 6 years experience in the Mechanical Engineering field, I am ready to assist your team by addressing any of your drafting requirements such as:

・Original Product Design Layout
・Detail Drawings from assemblies or sketches
・Drawing revisions from mark ups
・Conversion of paper drawings to 2D or 3D CAD
・Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D Solid models and details
・Assembly drawings

My qualifications include a Bachelor degree from MAPUA Institute of Technology, 6 years working for a major design firm. I am a designer by trade with solid knowledge of theory and practice in design. Currently I am working with a company in Makati City, Philippines. So, if you are looking for someone to handle your design and drafting needs with professionalism, confidentiality, and a rigid adherence to your standards please contact me by email (SPIDER_XXXXX@YAHOO.COM) or by calling (6346)472-0811(home), (063)9202100351(mobile)

Does your friend allow via internet transaction? meaning designs that I will be sending via email.?

this thread is proof designers dont read. c’mon people. hoping to do this again. but your scaring me.

yeah, I’ve been watching this thread during the past week (over a week AFTER YKH stated that he sent the email to his friend.) It’s funny, but at the same time, kinda embarrassing!

Read people, read!!