Job Vs PhD

could any body help me out with this

" i am a product designer with a US based firm for the last 7 years. I have more than 10 products in market and have worked on not less than 40 projects in various roles. I am based in India and now move towards a bigger goal. I want to shift to europe/US and either do a pd job or study. Could anybody lemme know what salary to expect in US and where to find companies that welcome foreign designers that can prove themselves.

Also I have an interest in pursuing PhD in an ID related field Cud any lemme know which are the best institutes to apply for. Is there campus placement for PhD research scholars?"

THanx guys

As far as a PHD in ID goes- stay away if you can. Empirical experience is much more appreciated and compensated. “ID related PHDs” is a very broad category. Ergonomics, Sociology and Storytelling(Humanities) are all ID related, as could be mathematics for that matter. Larger universities might be god to apply to because of the broad spectrum of subject matter covered (somewhat uninformed opinion though wrt PHDs).

Check out core77 salary survey and surveys for rough estimates.

in an American uni, you’ll pay international tuition, (3X in-state) and have no stipend, this makes getting accepted easier.
If your school work proves you have something exceptional to offer you may get some work and perhaps sponsoring.