Job Search Resources

Hey all,

I’m an industrial designer thats been in fashion industry for 5 years now and I’m looking to move on into other fields and opportunities like consumer electronics, furniture, home goods, healthcare, etc. Preferably in NYC but if I find something that really catches my eye, I’m willing to relocate!

I’ve been having a hard time searching for jobs, maybe its just a dry season or year right now but I’ve been using coroflot, linkedin, glassdoor, and to look for job opportunities. And I’m wondering if there are any other places I can look to apply.

I was also told that I should look into recruiters but I don’t even know where to start doing that. I submitted my application to Yehideology but thats really all I know of in terms of finding recruiters.

So any pointers that you all may have would be helpful. Thanks all!

I have actually gotten none of my jobs by replying to a postings.
It’s always been by sending an unsolicited email with work or through connections I made networking.

So that would be my advice. Find the places you really want to work for and try to get a foot in the door.
If your portfolio is a barnburner and you are building a bit of a profile, it’ll quickly travel in the community too and you might get contacted from other other people you didn’t even send it to. I had this happen to me.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it while job searching, remember that it is just as hard for a good company to find good talent as it is for good talent to find a good company.

Best of luck!

Scope out the companies in the area you want to work for, and check their webpages for jobs. If they aren’t hiring find out how specifically you can be of value to them and then you can write them an unsolicited application. I have found most jobs through generic job sites such as Recruiters are very active there so they will find you. You can also search linkedin for recruiter groups or tech recruiters in your area.

Yeah I’ve been submitting cold applications to a few place already. Its only been a couple weeks and I feel like its harder to find jobs in the summer. maybe? Thanks for the pointers!