job projects in portfolio: when are they are classified?

Hello all,

I work for about a year now in a design studio, but at this stage I want to move to another design studio. Big issue for me is: what may you put in your portfolio :confused: ? I really want to show the work I’ve done, but I’m afraid my boss will get crazy when he finds out that I show stuff which hasn’t been in the press/on the market yet. My contract doesn’t really say something about this, only that I may not do anything that can harm the company or its clients.
I have done some projects which are finished, but will be on the market later this year. So the design is already finished, the molds are on the way,etc. Can I show this project, or maybe just a part of the picture as a teaser? What about concepts that never made it?
Where do you put the line?

Many thanks in advance!

rule o thum:

If its not on market dont show it-If the program was trashed dont show it, ask permission first- if you dont have work make some independent projects up. Even if you show work to a company that it is not a direct competitor it reflects badly on you showing products that are not in the stores yet