Job postings at coroflot...

are there a lot of east coast companies? I’m on the west coast and it seems there are fewer other coast posts. Anyone else feel under represented?

I’m in SF also and I see job postings for the west coast few and far. And on top of that they want 3+yrs experience and I’m trying to get my foot in the door for 2 years no :imp: :cry:

MFD88, I suggest you look into the IDSA. They have job posts and a local SF chapter. If your fresh out of school, there is a student chapter that will have information about internships (sneaky way to get into a company if $ is not a problem) and local jobs.

X, I was afraid you were going to say that. I finished school in 2002 but I always neglected the IDSA. I guess I should fork over the big bucks for that. I’m assuming being a member opens up a lot of information on the website?

They have a good member discount for recent graduates, you’d be crazy not to join while its cheap:

Year of Graduation: $100*
Years 1-5 after graduation: $208*
All Other Professionals: $285*
International: $285*
Affiliate: $285*
Student Membership: $50.00 (North American Schools Only)

dont forget that IDSA is about designers helping designers, kinda like core77, but in a societal kinda way. (yes that a word).

A friend of mine joined and speaks highly. forget about ‘more website info’, they got people with connections and their telephone numbers. thats called hooking it up.

“… a friend of mine joined and speaks highly…”

I’ve gotta say, I was a member for four years and was never able to “hook it up” as a result of being an IDSA member.

Granted, there is a lot of information available to members, but it still comes down to you doing something with it.

For the most part my experience with people “of power”, who I was able to access as a result finding them in the IDSA Directory, were generally blocked by their secretaries. Lower “ranking” individuals that I did encounter were more concerned that I was after their jobs (human nature) and offered little assistance to job-seekers.

It is, afterall, the Industrial Designers SOCIETY of America.