Job postings and is this for IDers?

Saw a job posting on for apparel designer at North Face. Is this a job for industrial designers? Can you model clothes on a computer? Are there any cofolios with clothes design?

I’m an interaction/graphics designer, but I think I’d really enjoy working on apparel. Tech-bags; I’m into the straps, hahah. I personally want to take credit for the form-fitting five point shoulder concept. Yeah, that was me. In college I had designed my own book bag constructed from the cut up parts of military surplus bags. I had taken a suspender from a US fanny pack. I split the cross piece, inverted the strap orientation, added a new connection rig to the bag, and new coupler from another mil. spec strap. Thus creating what appeared like a parachute harness, and featuring a 30 degree angle from shoulder to bottom oft he bag. At the time I thought to apply for a US patent. Creating a prototype from cut up mil bags seemed like the way to go. Even if the color was a patchwork of faded olive drab. Still, I decided to forgo the patent because it would be too funny to read; simply said “for comfort apply upside down suspenders”.