Job Oppurtunity with ARInc.....will this be beneficial?

Recenlty I interviewed at ARInc. For those that don’t know, ARInc. is the company that was created to standardise the communication of the aerospace company. They put the airplane status on the big displays at the airport, design the electronic radio systems for roto and fixed wing aircraft, and even created the gps systems to track commercial airlines in the sky.

It seems like a solid company but it sounds like the boss wants me to learn the business while doing CAD on military helicopters. I will be working on things that are completely engineered and are never seen.

Will this job experience be a good step into a field where I can become creative and design for people?

yeah, why not?
to me it sounds like you’ll be learning a great deal in terms of CAD which always helps and how things are put together in the real world.

The question is though, what kind of ID are you interested in?
If it’s trans, it’s a no-brainer, go for it!
if it’s ceramic and furniture on the other hand, you might want to reconsider…

I think yo should go for it. Even if this is not what you want to do with your career it will teach you a lot that will be able to taken to other jobs and areas of design. A great example is we have an engineer that has experience in the Aerospace field. When ever some of our equipment breaks down or there is a problem that our MEs can’t figure out, he is the first one that we call. He has it up and going in no time. And we make candy, not airplanes.

This career as IDers not a straight line. We tend to work in many different places developing many different skills. I don’t see how taking this job would hurt you, I just see it making you a stronger designer.

the engineering method you describe is a common DoD move. you design these components, another company does those companents, they are assembled elsewhere so you don’t really know where or what the component does.

i think a lot of designers do very well for themselves in industries they really never intended to be in. i consider myself one of those.

I agree. I am one of those designers as well.