Job Opportunities in the US with Green Card?

Hi there!!
Well, I’m due to get married to a US citizen in a few months time and hopefully when all the paperwork is sorted out, within a year or so after I’m married I’ll be able to receive my Marriage Based Green Card. I just have a few questions.

  1. I know it’s a total chore to get a job in the US without the Permanent Residency, but I was wondering, with the Green Card are employers in the Industrial Design area still wary of hiring a foreigner, and is a person on a Green Card less likely to be employed than a person with US citizenship?
  2. I don’t have much experience, I have a First Class Honours Bsc Product Design degree from the UK and one year of ID experience. I am looking for work in the NYC area. Would it be impossible for me to land an entry level position in New York City with my circumstances? (I am British if this makes any difference which it probably doesn’t )
  3. I have been told that some employers in the US discriminate against foreign workers. I have a Muslim name. I fear my resume will be chucked on the bin straight away because of false first impressions they might have over my name alone. Am I right to be worried or am I talking nonsense?

Thank You!!

hello fellow foreigner.

If you are going to apply for a job BEFORE you get the greencard, expect many challenges. most companies in the US are scared of applicants that need a visa sponsorship for some reason. A lot of it is due to misinformation. i’ve been looking for months with many interview cancellations once they learn i need a visa transfer (im under visa right now with my current employer). If you really need a job now in the US, try the bigger companies (international companies are more likely to sponsor visas).

Once you DO have a greencard though, youd be in the candidate pool just like anyone else. From a paperwork standpoint, there is no real difference between hiring an american and hiring a foreigner with a greencard.

If you have a kickass portfolio, it could erase any concerns, if they indeed have any (which they shouldnt), about your name.

hope that helps, and good luck.

Once you have a greencard, the only things that will be in between(or not) you and the job is your portfolio and how you fit.

To add to d-flux’s comment, well-known consultancies, for most of them, understand the importance of talent and will be likely to sponsor visa as long as they think you are the right person to hire.

Big corporations are hit or miss. Some make it a company policy not to sponsor visa. Some don’t mind at all. So it’s much more ridgid than smaller companies.

But before any candidate thinks about the visa issue, you should worry about proving yourself to be the best candidate they can ever find.

with the exception of security jobs and govt jobs which mention citizenship required, a green card holder finds it as easy as a citizen to get a job.

however, don’t assume that simply because you are married you will get the GC anytime soon

you may however receive an EAD card that allows you work in the meantime until your GC comes in

I know that for hindus it takes long enough for this process to go through but I’d check or other forums where south asians congregate to find out if there are any issues for those with muslim names

in the meantime prepare by putting your portfolio up on coroflot and mention that you’ll have work eligibility by the time you arrive or within a few months i.e. the burden is not on teh employer to sponsor you, this will make it easier for them to consider you for a possible opening

As i’ve said in my post, after a year or so. I’ve read up on these things and especially in the NY area these things take a long time to come through.

Thanks for the advice so far everyone!! Unfortunately it looks like i’ll be unable to work for a year or so.

I should definetly start to put up a profile, but do you think I should be contacting employers since the time I can work is so far off? Or would I just be annoying them by making contact too early?

Thanks for the replies so far! All advice is appreciated! Thanks! :smiley:

right now you have nothing to lose. dont mention the citizenship thing up front until there is interest, then you can work out with them if they want to wait a year (not likely) or sponsor you. either way, if your portfolio is good, you wont be ‘bugging’ them at all.

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