Job Opportunities for MID Graduate

I am in the process of applying for a MID at SCAD, RISD, Pratt, ACC and CCA. I really would like to attend a school that will help align me with the best job opportunities upon graduation. First of all I was wondering what types of jobs are available for MID graduates that are not available to BA grads? And I wanted to get a general idea of the salary range I may be expecting. My background is in architecture and soft good product design, and I have interests in wearable tech, service design and UX, although my focus is still on product design. I am concerned that some of these programs don’t have the most robust program to get you connected with top companies, and especially for the ones that aren’t located in urban area (i.e. father from the potential jobs). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Basically the same as graduating with a BA or a BFA… but instead of 4 years of intense study, you have 2, maybe 3. It can be more of a demerit than a bonus unless your undergrad is in something valuable to a particular employer. Salary is the same in most cases as an undergrad.

If you are as good or better than the undergrads, you will find placement and if you have great people skills it is posit;e to advance faster.