Job Opp in Milwaukee, WI

CG - I had it in my head that you were a MIAD guy. Do you still keep in touch with Tom? He, Frank, and Steve (RIP) were classic characters that they just don’t make anymore - lots of great memories!

But yes you are right that the 3rd Ward is SUPER trendy and gentrified, but to be fair, living in the dorm freshman year, we had a few kids assaulted in that neighborhood cause it was so dodgy. I’ll take it for what it is now any day over what it was when I first lived there.

Boosted - as you can see, there are a few of us Milwaukee people on these boards and I for one am more than happy to try and guide you in the right direction if you have any questions.


Congrats man!!! Doesn’t GPI provide a lot of board to Coors? Will you be working with your old team just on the other side?

I am happy for you and glad to hear folks getting jobs!

I don’t know anything about mil-w, but it is amazing to see all the helpfull folks here!

Man if anyone has kept in touch with Tom I think we all need to just show up on his front porch. Last I heard he was still living in Milwaukee and still racing bikes.

Anyway, Milwaukee is a great city with an odd culture, in a good way. You will enjoy the summers and learn to deal with the winters. Also you might as well start hating the Cubs right now, it is kind of a prerequisite to live in the city.

It was way sketchier in my day. Today’s student union was a gay leather bar called the Wreck Room that was frequented by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer–who was caught my freshman year. MIAD moved the year after, and the bar closed by my senior year, and I think that’s when MIAD built the union and the dorms.

Welp, it’s official. I accepted the offer today and sent it back. I’ll be reporting in on the 24th of May. I would like to have the opportunity to meet up with the folks that are still in the Milwaukee area. So shoot me over your contact info and maybe we can get together once I settle in.

When I get some local contact info, I’ll pass that along as well.

I lived/studied/worked in the Milwaukee area for ten years. It was mainly on the east side while attending UW-Milwaukee and MIAD. Miss it to this day.

You’ll for sure be attending what is billed as the world’s largest outdoor music festival - Summerfest. Good times.

I was always fond of the Cedarburg area. Have a look.

Congrats on the new job. I have friends and relatives that have worked and are still working for Miller/Coors, although one is in North Carolina.

Anyway, all the best.

Congrats again Boosted!

Oh, and in case you wonder why the fire hydrants have antennas attached to them, it’s so they can be found in the snow… enjoy your Great Lakes experience!

Classic! Yes its true, snow plows. Awesome news man, congrats!


The snow isn’t that bad. After 2 months of it, you barely notice anymore and the following 4 months of snow, ice, and freezing temps go by in a flash! Come spring, in mid-June, you’ll wonder just where the time went!

WOOO! Things are getting busy here. I’m supposed to report in at work on the 24th. So I’m rushing to get some details ironed out before I leave. They have me booked for 3 months housing @ Saddlebrook in Pewaukee. That part is great. Where I’m having trouble is finding a rental home within that 3 month period that would be willing to allow 2-3 dogs, 2 car garage, safe/quiet and be around 1400 to 1600 a month. Am I being unrealistic? I REALLY don’t like the idea of having to give up my dogs because of this transition. They’re all rescues and the idea of sending them back to a shelter just crushes me when I think about it. If I were able to just go straight into buying a house, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, I don’t have the funds to do so at the moment and will need to rent for a year.

Pics of my dogs.

That doesn’t sound out of line at all. The tough part, as you pointed out, will be a rental that allows larger dogs.

Where are you looking for listings? I’ve found craiglist to be the best resource for this area. I went on there and found a few likely candidates. Where will you be commuting to? If they’re putting you up in Pewaukee, I assume you’re working in the west burbs? In that case I’d look around waukesha or new berlin for rentals.

If you see anything that looks promising, you can ask me for more info about the area/neighborhood.

The relo agent sent me a long list of various sites. I have a feeling that most folks put up their “for rent” sign up in their yard and not bother to post online. I have found some stuff on craigslist but it’s challenging because I’m not familar with the area or the dog thing restricts me from further looking at the property.

I will be at the corporate location that’s on the west side of MKE. Personally, I don’t mind having a 30-45 min commute as long as I get my dog situation secured and it’s in a nice neighborhood.

I was born and spent the first eight years of my life in central Wisconsin. I never thought there were so many Wisconsinites on the boards!

I went to Milwaukee last year for a summer vacation. I had a lot of fun. Went to Summerfest, Miller brewery tour. It is a weird city, in a good way.

As a matter of fact, I lived there and worked for Miller. Well actually, Miller Brands, their distribution company. And for “work”, many times I stood next to the truck holding a baseball bat while delivering beer to some of your more seedy liquor stores. I also “worked” Summerfest at the Jazz Oasis (it may be called something different now, it was quite some time ago). I’d replace the empty kegs with fresh ones. Needless to say I was drinking and listening to the bands more than I worked.

After being in Milwaukee in three years, I must say I disagree…I have found that if you’re from Wisconsin you love Milwaukee, if you’re not from Wisconsin, you don’t really like it. Not to be a downer or anything, but if you are someone who is used to different weather than you are in for a shock. Being from the Kansas City area, I thought the weather wouldn’t be that much different. But in Milwaukee, winter is 9 months out of the year, spring doesn’t exist, and 3 months out of the year are summer/fall…Be prepared for lots of snow, cold, and especially wind hitting your face non-stop. Also, get used to not seeing the sun for months…Other than weather though, its…okay, I guess. Summer is a lot of fun, lots of festivals going on, but other than summer, not a whole lot of anything. Great beer though! That’s pretty worth it.

Also, get used to not seeing the sun for months…

My cousin lives up in Cedarburg, she describes it as, “life under a 40W light bulb.”

Having grown up a few hundred miles south, in southern Indiana, I’d have to say I would prefer a good, cold, predictable winter (as opposed to one in cold rain, freeze, thaw, freeze thaw, rain, freeze, etc.).

As an aside; the Indian tribes of southern Indiana/Ohio Valley, notably the Miami, were sickly and often raided by their northern neighbors. I can’t help but believe that the unpredictable weather was a major contributing factor to their health.

So many interesting facts… fascinating.

Don’t forget, there’s a quiz Friday afternoon. … …