Job Opp in Milwaukee, WI

Sooo, I just got back from an in person interview with a company in the Milwaukee area. I’m not saying who it is yet cause I don’t want to jynx anything. But the process is moving forward positively. I’m at the point where I should start looking into relocating there and would like to know the typical stuff. How’s the housing market there? What are good areas I should look into for housing? What the heck do you guys do for fun during the winter time? summer time?

More than likely, I would be looking for something in the burbs. I have 3 large dogs that would require a decent sized fenced in backyard. I would need a reasonably flat driveway/garage for reconstructing my man-cave. :smiley:

Congrats Charles,

I’m a happy mke resident. It’s a great little city that’s going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment in regard to music/art/culture :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ve researched the city plenty, but I’d start here:

great resource for arts and entertainment

a local indie newspaper

our local indie radio station (live stream)

Send me a PM and I can give you any other specific info you want. :smiley:

Ahhhhh Milwaukee… My old stomping grounds!

I loved living there (after a couple of years) and would move back in a heartbeat if the right opportunity arose.

Parts of town to look into:
“East Side” - pretty much north of Brady Street and east of Humboldt is considered the “East Side”. It’s a young neighborhood, alot of UWM and MIAD students as well as young professionals. I spent a number of years near the Prospect and North Ave area - some great places to live there at pretty good rates. plus you are in walking distance to the lake.

Downtown - is roughly bordered by 794 on the south, the lake on the east, Brady St on the north, and Marquette University on the west. A LOT of condos and new development here - not sure about how bad the housing market was hit, but I personally thought they oversaturated the market with condos and lofts and you may be able to pick up a bargain here.

“Third Ward” - this is where MIAD is located and where I lived in a loft /condo for the last six months I was in MKE. It’s a very trendy place to be, a lot of upscale shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc. But it’s freaking cool to live here - I loved it!

As far as suburbs go:
Wauwatosa (or just “Tosa”) isn’t bad - fairly quiet but still close to downtown.

Bayview – South of downtown and still kind of an up and coming area. I have a few friends that loved there and love it (mix of older folks and next gen hipsters). I never really liked the vibe myself, but to each his own right?

Whitefish Bay (affectionately known as “White Folks Bay”) – not a cookie-cutter suburb as there are a lot of older houses (not McMansions) and it’s a pretty family friendly kind of neighborhood and still fairly close to downtown.

Brookfield – getting into the real suburbs here complete with strip malls and all of that… not my cup of tea.

Those are all the specific parts of town that come to mind right now, but again, I lived there for about ten years and overall I loved it! If you find something specific I’m sure myself and a few others here can give you an honest opinion on it.

Good luck!


Don’t forget New Berlin, (we pronounce it strangely, not like the German city, emphasis on ‘Ber’ loudly and trail off ‘Lin’ softly.) :laughing:

I’m a Bayview resident (and I’d recommend it) though the homes here tend to be quite old, think 75-150 years on small lots with small yards. Some nice parks though, especially along the lakefront.

Benny, yep - can’t forget New Berlin, Greenfield, Franklin, Waukesha, Mequon, Glendale, West Allis, Racine, Kenosha, etc.

I’m somewhat amazed I still remember all of that given that I haven’t lived in that area for about four years. My very first job out of college (and my pre graduation internship) was in Greenfield but right on the edge of New Berlin.

I think Tosa is as far into the burbs as I ever made it… and I was okay with that!

I’m going to guess GE healthcare? Just let me know if I’m right later.

Based on his portfolio, my guess is Wetzel Brothers

Well shoot, if we’re guessing, I’ll pick DCI marketing (they have a project manager position posted)

Thanks for the help guys. I have some direction in my research now.

Keep guessing, I’ll reveal the company shortly. I’m supposed to hear back from them this week if it’s a green light. Right now, it’s still up in the air and I’m getting more anxious as time goes by.

Good luck! Keep us posted…

K, well it’s official (almost). I was contacted Thursday afternoon and asked if I could fly up on Friday to meet additonal people. That afternoon I was extended an offer. :smiley: I’m currently working out some details but it looks like I may be moving north for now.

The company is…


Congrats man!

You’ll never be thirsty again!

With all the depressing stories of poeple not finding work - it’s nice to hear one good success story. Congrats and enjoy Milwaukee!

Hey! Congratulations. Milwaukee is a fine city.

As a matter of fact, I lived there and worked for Miller. Well actually, Miller Brands, their distribution company. And for “work”, many times I stood next to the truck holding a baseball bat while delivering beer to some of your more seedy liquor stores. I also “worked” Summerfest at the Jazz Oasis (it may be called something different now, it was quite some time ago). I’d replace the empty kegs with fresh ones. Needless to say I was drinking and listening to the bands more than I worked.

Ahhh Miller … good times … good times …

Congrats. Patience does pay off!


My dad is the Mayor of Mequon.
I also went to high school there, and had my first job after MIAD (at Brooks Stevens Design.)

Milwaukee is great, I lived in the 3rd Ward while at MIAD–but it’s totally gentrified since then. I heard even Oprah has a condo there.

Brooks Stevens? Classic!

Perfect word to describe it. Back then the studio was next to Brooks’ auto museum, which included several of his own designs for Studebaker, Excalibur, Willy Jeep etc. Several times a year they’d host a classic car show in the gravel loop surrounding the pond. But after Brooks passed, the family sold everything.

Thanks guys. Yes, it does pay off. It’s the first time I’ve interviewed in about 5 years and the game has definately changed. Not only the resume structure, but many companies are relying on SOAR and STAR methods of interview. I went through the SOAR process at Miller/Coors and it was a short but one of the hardest interviews I went through in recent memory.

I’m looking forward to new challenges and I hope I can work out these final details and sign the offer. I’ll be in their innovation group, so I’ll be working on some very interesting stuff.