Job Opening - Footwear Designer, E. S. Originals

I’ve posted an job for Footwear Designer, Men’s & Boys’ Athletics, at E. S. Originals on Coroflot.

The candidate hired will be able to choose between our office locations in NYC (our headquarters on West 33rd Street) and Bentonville, Arkansas (Walton Ave., across the street from Walmart Home Office). We keep an office in Bentonville, obviously because we have an account with Walmart. But we also design and import shoes for several other accounts, both licensed and private label brands. This position will design for all our accounts and brands.

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If you have any questions not answered on the Coroflot listing, please post them here for the benefit of all.

So is there just 1 open position and it could be the choice of the candidate to decide if they want to work in new york or arkansas?
Is there a prefence for the job to be in NYC at headquarters or the AK office? So any successful candidates that will come in for interviews, will
they be interviewed at either office depending on the candidates location? How would you guys choose the right candidates if there are interviews
by 2 different teams or persons at both offices?

There is 1 position. If/when a face-to-face interview takes place, the candidate will visit the office location more practical for him/her. We have a high quality video conferencing system that virtually puts all members of our team in the same room.

The reason for the NY/Arkansas option is simply because we have offices in both locations. Any preference we express regarding where the designer works will be based mainly on where it’s determined the designer would most likely be happier and more productive.