job offer in asia


IMO 2000$/month in Shanghai is enough to live pretty well.
Concerning the penalty when you leave earlier most of the company here to the same. But like everything in a contract it’s negotiable.
As a young graduate you should take the job, that might be a good experience, both on the cultural side and for your carrier.
The plus that you willl have compare to others when you go back home will be that you might speak Chinese (if you invest a bit of your time in it), you will have an internationnal experience, and you will have learn to work in a totally different environment that your peers back home …
But on the other side working in China is not such easy.

I don’t know what “2000 $ netto” is, but if it is $2,000 / mo then that is two grand a month more then you are making now. If that will have you living at a standard you are happy with, and you can put up with whatever they want you to do, then get over there and do it! I would, assuming that you can live well at two grand a month in that city, I’d think maybe. Back to salary, $24,000 / year is not a lot at all in the US.

I am a chinese designer , my point of view that Shanghai is a modern city where has lots of good designs.
So i think it’s gonna be a great chance to know more about china and other stuff as well.
Hope you good luck! any answers I could give you, please let me know. by the way, which company here you will work for?

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