Job offer a few months away. Tell current employer now?When?

Okay…let’s talk hypothetically…

I may be getting a job offer that would say, have me starting in June of this year. If I know about this offer 4 months in advance, when do I tell my current employer?

I really like where I am at professionally. The move is more for personal/lifestyle reasons, and I want to leave on as good of terms as possible. Without sounding cocky, I believe I am valued at my current office and that my parting will come as quite a surprise…

…when and how do I broach this topic with ‘the boss’?

I’ve heard that if you tell a company too soon, they’ll let you go right then and there because you become a liability. Is this so?


  1. dont do anything until you have the contracted signed and approved by both sides. nothing is final until its final and lots could happen between now and 4 months from now. you wouldnt want to cause all sorts of trouble, and then find the offer evaporated or something else happened.

  2. starting date and offer date are different. tell your current employer (one the contract is signed, as per #1), in enough time to give the notice period required by your current contract to have you start the new job. you may want to take time off in between the jobs, up to you.

  3. the chat with your current boss is pretty straightforward. be nice, positive about your current position and company, and be general in explaining why you are leaving. giving them more details than necessary wont help, and could damage a relationship, or put you into a difficult situation with a counter-offer (if, for example, you say its because of the pay, you risk having to deal with a counter-offer, and turn it down, ifs more of a personal thing).

How things go over with the boss has more to do with than gust you, (how the company is doing, if they are prepared to replace you, etc.), so keep in mind the response you get may be mixed with other feelings, depending on your boss and the company.

Assure your boss the time remaining until you leave will be worked efficiently and with the best intent. They may ask you leave immediately (escorted off the premises happens to sometimes, i’ve heard!), and that’s their right. Don’t fight it, it wont get you anywhere.

Bascially, its your decision, and pretty simple. As of X date, you no longer be working there and resigning your duties. Period. You may also want to prepare your resignation letter to give to your boss during the meeting, stating the date of notice, and date you will be leaving, etc.

Keeping on good terms is a good idea, never burn bridges.

Hope this helps, best of luck with everything.


1.)wait until 2 weeks before new job starts.
2.)submit resignation.
3.)wipe hands on pants.