Job Market

I am thinking of changing my career from law to industrial design and was wondering what the job market and pay was like. It seems like from this website there are more graduates then jobs available. I would really appreciate responses from all over ie. Europe, Asia, North America. Thank You

Ok, be honest, what is more important, money, or your passion. If you have a passion for this, the money and success will follow. it is like anything, you can succeed, or fail. This is hard, so be prepared.

Job market stinks right now for just about any decent job. Not a good time to ask that question.

If you are asking about the job market and money: you are better off as a lawyer because you probably make more. If you want to change to ID then don’t ask those questions rather, ask “will I be happy for the rest of my life doing ID?” If you don’t like law right now and can’t see yourself doing it for life, then get out of there. Life is just too short!!!

Thanks for the responses so far. Do you think it will bounce back. Does it go up and down.

It always does but if you don’t have up-to-date skills or talent you still may remain jobless. To be good at design is to have a real passion for it. Its not a job its a way of life.

There are allways jobs in ID. But when times are tight, employers are much more selective, cautious, and slow. I started looking for a new job a few months after 9/11 and I was shocked how many positions where open across the US coast to coast

Right now there are a lot of places hiring. ID jobs are usually a good indicator of a market bounce back. When companies plan on increasing business, one of the first things they do is increase their design budget (to design new products to get ready for a bounce back) and then when things are good, they usually go crazy spending money on expensive firms, promoting design directors to VP’s, ect, and you guessed it, when things go bad, design is the firsst thing on the chopping block.

It pretty cyclacle, but in general there is always a need for creative people.

On money, you will get paid total CRAP right out of school, I don’t care if you get a masters or do a million internships. You need to get out there and prove that you can be creative for 8-10 hours a day and follow through on that creativity in great product. While you are doing this, you won’t get paid much, but a few years in you’re pay will go up a lot, then you’ll change jobs, lie about your pay like everyone else, and it will go up more. You will not even aproach lawyer level money until you become a director, think low to mid 6 figure, not awesome, but not shabby.

It’s not about money, all the money in the world can’t make you sleep soundly at night…OK I take that back. But what would you rather tell people at a party, that you just sued Ben & Jerrys for false advertising because Cherry Garcia didn’t have any Garcia in it or that you just finished the next iPod? That feeling goes a long way.

Thank you for the resonses. I was wondering if anyone new how architect’s salaries compared to designer’s?

If money is your main motivator sounds like you would be great in sales. Maybe you want to be a sales and/or marketing person for design instead of a designer.

Fireman…are you in college studying law? If so, you must have an undergrad already…
My impression is that you have not started college yet and are still trying to decide what to do? Do not let money be your deciding factor because if you are not good at what ever you choose, you will NEVER have money anyway so at least focus on pursuing only what you enjoy. That way at best you will be “rich” and happy and at the worst…you’ll be happy.

The financials are the same for Arch only more so, start low and stay low and after 10-15yrs go up - so - if your asking about it - don’t bother. Sales is good - perhaps marketing or advertising? A some creativity, better pay, more tolerance for mediocre commitment.

dude that cracked me up.

  • perhaps marketing or advertising? A some creativity, better pay, more tolerance for mediocre commitment.

Graphic Designers/directors get paid crap ad advertising firms to start. Eventually they do OK but if you look at the hours worked they still get paid crap. You need to be a marketing person or writer to get the big pay. They are the ones that get to come up with all the ideas.

As for Mdiocre commitment, like I said long hours and no job security. Lose a major account and tons get laid off.