job/internship in footwaer company...HOW?

Well, back again…

About the end of the year i will be completing my ma in design and i am interested in working for a period of time (maybe internship) in a footwear company (ok …u know…nike/puma/adidas…etc). My question is :

do i have to present them a portfolio dadicated to footwear design?
how can i approach them?
internship is paid ?


You don’t have to have a portfolio with only footwear, in fact you shouldn’t. You do need to show your thinking skills, and be able to throw down a hot sketch.

I’m not familiar with the programs at other companies, but Nike’s is fully paid, including getting here, setting you up in a furnished apartment, etc.

all the internships I have had were paid-about 10-12 per hour.

most of the internships were posted at the school, you might want to speak with your career services at your school/

also just contact the company that you are interested in and give that a shot, I know that puma gets back to everyone that sends them something-takes usually 2-3 weeks, so give that a try.

I agree-creative thinking and quick sketching is key-and something also they look at is problem solving and how you might work as a team. experience helps. also try other footwear comapnys than just nike and adidas, try a diesel, or a converse ( i know they are branched with nike-maybe the recruit system is different)_or a timberland or teva, dont put all your eggs in one basket try out many places.

good luck

thank you very much both for your replies!

i do plan to apply to many companies…i know that is difficult but at least i can try.

I dont wasnt to hi-jack your thread-but thought it would fit here nicely.

++ but I was just wondering-I saw at school last week a posting for a nike summer internship, does going to these types of internships get you a job or help in getting a job a lot once you have graduated, and I am also talking about other companies than nike, did alot of you get jobs out of school with companies that you internshipped with ???

maybe this should have been a new topic?? hmmm

no worries dygitalvision,

your point is indeed very interesting and if someone answere that whould be greatly appreciated!

Many companies will prefer to hire people they already know, meaning interns who they feel have the capability they are looking for. It beats hiring someone who they just meet for a day or two. So I am certain that if you have an internship with company A, they will choose you over another candidate if both of your portfolios look just as good.


On Nike’s internship site there is a description for the requirements for portfolios. Do you think applicants have to follow it, or is it really up to the individual?

It’s cool that Nike has a site delicated to internships though.

there is an online design intern application to get started here:

I would follow the guidelines outlined here:


at least 4-6 color copies of projects completed

at least 3-4 conceptual sketches of your thought process prior to the final project

No bigger than 8.5x14

many thanks!!!

yo, do you know if there is a deadline for consideration???

seems like their isn’t, but I’m not sure. We have interns coming and going all year long. I think there are three curently, one from Art Center, another from CCS, and a third from UC.

ok, thanks.

Who’s from CCS?