Job/Internship ... help

Okay guys i will present myself as short as possible - My name is Darko Markovic ( alias dar-mar) and i have graduated 1 year ago - I have BA in industrial design and MA in transportation design. I had some problems so i had to return to my country and make a small pause with job hunt ( 1 year ) and now its time to get back on market.

You can see my CV/ Works on Darko Markovic, car/industrial/concept designer in Belgrado, Serbia be free to tell me what you think.

I will try to enter car design and question is should i try to enter it first as intern or immediatly look for job ? Also if that doesnt work my backup route is to go industrial design - it would be very nice if someone would like to share some info about everything

My biggest problem is that i am not EU resident so i will need some papers ( which arent that hard to get but anyhow make problems cause employers dont like to mess with anything )

  1. intern or job immediatly search?
  2. i would like to be all round designer - to do transportation design + industrial so if anyone has contacts for that kind of companies please share.
  3. I know internship lasts around 3 months? And are they paid ( in Italy they are not ) ?
  4. How hard can a guy with my skills enter industry ?
  5. How do you people get clients as freelancers ? Where to look for them in terms of product/industrial design?
  6. please if anyone has proposal for job/internship for me please be free to contact me on

Anyone Alive ? :confused:

I think your portfolio is fantastic, some very nice work there.

  1. To answer your question about looking for a job or an internship I recommend looking for both if you have not had an internship.

  2. You might find some folks here who have leads on open positions, but a big part of this is who you know. Have you been networking at design conferences/meetups? Are you active on LinkedIN? Is there a company that you desperately want to work for?

  3. Most internships do last 3 months, some are paid, some are not, many in the U.S. are paid. Have you pursued any jobs or internships in Italy? I am assuming that is where you live.

  4. I do not think that it would be hard for you, with your skills, to get interviews, but how are your interview skills?

  5. Similar to #2, it is all about who you know and putting yourself and your work out there.

@Greenman Thank you for your reply and kind words about my work - means a lot :slight_smile:

I decided its definelty INTERNSHIP - also about answering question number 4 - my presentation/interview skills are on high level - used to present on all projects, even for full class when VW and Audi was coming but never had a chance to get interview :smiley: I am active on linkedin ( really active last 10 days ) and its going good for now -sending asking etc. Does anyone want to share some contacts so i can ask ?

My biggest problem is that i am NOT EU citizen - so i cant work without company gurantee for me, wchich isnt that hard to get but i think recruiters dont like that :frowning: - I can stay 90 days legally as turist in any country but cant work unless company sends letter that they want me.

And i used to study for 1.5 year in Italy but due to illness of one member of family i had to return back to home country and now i am free again after 1.5 year to get back on my career - and italy is really strange when it comes to that - they put internships 6-months - even a year and dont pay.

Is anyone willing to share industrial design recruiters for europe?

LinkedIN or Email ?

Thank you.

So far I didn’t find such a thing, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is go through the design directory and apply company by company. You can also pick up a city, let’s say Stuttgart, and search for industrial design or industriedesign in google maps, some companies will pop up. I would also suggest you to check productdesignhub, coroflot and I think websites like monster are also helpful