Job in Vancouver

I just moved to Vancouver from Paris, France.
I’m an Art Director with 12 years of experience with strong experience in Print, Web & Usability, Brand Design.

Do you know how much earn Designers in Vancouver?
Do you have any information about positions opened in Vancouver?
(I have made my own research but any help will be more than welcome :slight_smile:

Have a look on my portfolio online :


Good luck,

I had to move to Seattle to find a design job…

There are a few firms:

oneoak design
Design Studio

I think Karo is still around as well…

Good luck again

jna- where you at right now?

I am assuming you’re looking for Graphic/Print Design, not Industrial Design?

If you’re looking for Industrial Design, Karo is no longer doing Industrial Design.

I know of a few Graphic Designers that I could put you in touch with if that’s what your looking for. Contact me directly if interested.


I am currently a staff Industrial Designer @ Teague Seattle…

Nice! I heard teague is a great place to work. … i i just looked at your corofolio, nice work!
pm me if your ever interested in getting together; always nice to know designers in the area…


Hi Rod,
There are several design studios in Vancouver, but they seem to be more “hidden”.

Not too much ID going on in Van, much more across the border, though, or head to Montreal/Toronto.
There’s plenty of Graphic and web design work, though.
Last year, The Vancouver Museum hosted “Movers and Shapers”, the website still has links to the exhibitors, which might be of interest.

Good luck, Rod!
Hi jna14: Karo used to have an Industrial Design Department, led by Greg Corrigan as far as I remember. He started his own studio on Main Street called White Box Design ( )
Teague sounds pretty sweet. Any open positions available wink

Philippe Schlesser
Industrial Designer
PS: if anyone hears about an ID job in the Vancouver area, please drop me a line.

Cossette are looking for an Associate Design Director… brand kind of stuff for their Identica division…

If you get the job, put in a good word for me. My wife is obsessed about moving to Vancouver these days because her best friend moved out there.