Job hunting while employed

I fell out of the ID field almost 2 years ago and, to make a long story short, would like to get back to ID. I’m currently employed as a manager in the CD duplication & manufacturing field. Since my currnet job is a “9-5 M-F” I don’t have much time to get out and search or even contact companies. Any advise on how to job hunt without screwing up your currnet job? I know there are a lot of people out there in this situation.

Plenty of people job search while employed-- your “9-5” is not a 24-7. Get out to local IDSA events, put up a Core-folio, update your portfolio, work on “refresher” projects, contact specific employers when the time is right. you’ve got to be willing to push yourself if you want to get there.

there’s a Chinese saying that my dad use to say to me:

“kea ngow wun mah” or literally “ride a bull while looking for a horse”