job headhunters?

i’m a recent grad, been doing quite a bit of job searching on my own sending resumes and interviews and such, but not having any solid luck. someone mention if i had tried a headhunter to track down jobs for me. i have no experience with these people at all.
how do you contact them? are they worth it? what are average price tags for their services? anyone ever used a job hunter?

…most are paid by the employer and there are no charges to you and i wouldn’t use one who does charge you… there are some like rita sue segal in nyc who work in the design industry (check out and i hear good and bad about her services…i get calls frequently from mri ( about design jobs…they seem to know id and the work we do…you will find many do not have a clue…check your local yellow pages or google ‘recruiter’ and you should get dozens of leads…i get about 50% of my job leads from recruiters, but i find that about half of those jobs are also posted on the web…your best chances of success are with networking contacts you already know and the leads they can provide you or by targeting employers you want to work for…go to the library and take home ‘what color is your parachute?’…dumb title but it is the same stuff all the job search services charge big bucks for today…read and do!

so, you have learned that recruiters are the ‘necissary evil’ of the 21st century…you’ve been told to knock down doors, work your way up the ladder, but these days it’ll get you no where. if you want good wages and great opportunities, gov’t and military contracts, then call a recruiter

Use IDSA as a networking tool. Thats what is there for. Go to your local chapter meetings, contact people in the area. (for advice and jobs) I found that making cold calls and sending out emails is a great way to make connections if you have the confidence to do it.