Job finding strategies?

I am a recent graduate just starting to look for employment in the Industrial design profession. So far I have both searched and placed bth my CV and portfolio on to specialist design websites, researched small design consultancies that I am interested in, inquired about graduate/internship positions at large companies and also bought specialist publications in order to find vacancies.
I know it is likely to take me quite a while finding my first Industrial design job, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any sources or tips/techniques that could aid me in both finding vacancies to apply for and to gain a job, whether it be international or here at home in London?

Not sure what you mean by “just starting” to look for a job? Is this a week, a month, a year? If you’ve only been at it for a couple months, it’s probably a bit premature to sound the alarms. If you’ve sent in your resume/CV to all the relevant job postings, and haven’t heard anything back, the only thing you can do is keep at it. It takes time.

You might want to post some of your portfolio in the “Portfolio” section of this site…alot of knowledgable people around here that could provide you with some quality feedback that might help you get a leg up on the competition when it comes to finding a job!

Some reliable places you could look at are…

Go to many firms Just go there in person. Set up a time to get a portfolio crit.

Cast a wide net. (I know, it sounds cliche-ish)