Job Dilemma

So right now I am currently in a dilemma. I graduate in may and am currently interning with a small company. When I started they said that they usually do an intern-to-hire, but haven’t mentioned it since I started in January. I wouldn’t mind working for them as long as the salary/benefits are good enough to support my family. However, they haven’t mentioned anything since that initial interview and I’m not sure when I should bring it up (or how). I’ve obviously been looking for other jobs and have been starting to get some interviews. What would you do?

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I’m not sure how relaxed your work environment is but, I would just be upfront and ask as well. Schedule a one on one and roll all these questions into a performance review. If you get the sense they like your abilities and you as person, be all means tell them that you like the company and are highly interested in staying on full-time. If there is some hesitation on their part, probably a good idea move forward with plan b and c. Good luck man!

Just ask. The worst that is going to happen is that you’re still looking for a job. If answering the question is a problem for them then you know that you are moving on. BTW are you getting paid for this internship – you know that you are supposed to be paid if you are doing real work???

Sounds like you are hesitant to stay there as well. As a designer you need to speak up…it’s not a good practice to work on assumptions or fear of what could happen.

It’s just business so just ask the right person when you can chat about full time employment. Be grateful they hired you as an intern but don’t feel obligated to stay…specially if you have other better jobs lined up.
Whatever you do, just don’t jerk them around and don’t let them jerk you around either. If you are looking, be upfront and let them know if necessary. If you have offers then find out theirs and then make a decision. You can negotiate but if you are forcing the salary or working conditions then it’s probably best if you take the other job.

Good luck.

You will definitely need to assert yourself and ask for what you need. Otherwise they would likely just keep the internship rolling.

I’ve never received a straight answer to the schedule question in an interview, either they tell me I’ve got the job or it’s to be filled ASAP

I would just ask your direct superior. If you enjoy the job I would express that you enjoy it and that you would like to continue to be an asset.