Jigsaw concept

Hey all, I’ve been lurking for a bit here and thought I’d show some of my work. This is just a concept, just a Photoshop exercise really. Rock

Great sketch. It has a very nice quality to it. It pops off the page without being overly glossy. Power Drill though? I think you could make the details relate to one another a bit more from an aesthetic standpoint. Right now their are oval blips on the hand grip, kind of extended “J” shaped vents, and then this oddly shaped glossy area dominating the center of the lower half. How can these elements pull together?

yeah, I should change that to “power jigsaw”…my bad

the glossy black area in the center is a badge for a logo that has yet to be designed

it’s just a concept, messing around with Photoshop, the pen tool and some Scott Robertson-shading techniques

Nice drawing

My feeling…to give it a more realistic feel.
Turn the blade around. the teeth of the blad are upside down.

A motor for the tool needs more room above the blade.
In most models

I work for years now with a Festo (old skool model) it has a grip right above the saw.
This is very use full going around bends.
This is a younger model but the idea is the same

See it as info

Regards B-art

I agree- there is a scotch yoke mechanism with a counter weight that is swung up and down. This is the reason why jigsaws tend to have a more vertical front end.

thanks for the tips, I’ll make some updates