Jhane Barnes Eyewear

Just got my new eyeglasses today…they’re awesome…

Designer is Jhane Barnes

Whaddaya gals and germs think??

It reminds me of the fact that I am glad I don’t have to wear glasses :wink:

But if I DID have to wear glasses, these would be a cool pair to wear!

i like the angular lines over the nose bridge. the rest of it is similar to my own pair :smiley:

Yeah I just have a minor ghosting image thing going on…its only developed over the last few years…I guess I didn’t eat enough carrots…that’s a bummer doc.

Yeah I also liked the boxy angle lines…also the nose protectors or whatever they’re called are NOT the flimsy ones that are usually an afterthought or probably not a thought at all…but this designer actually did her version of nose plastic protectors…and I think they’re right on!!!

I never thought eyewear would be this interesting…but I’ve suddenly developed a weird shopping addiction to eyerwear…eventually I wan’t to become a collector of well designed eyewear.

I personally have a pair of Mykita glasses. The hinge mechanism is really cool because its created from folded sheet metal rather than a pin style hinge.

Check 'em out

I just picked my new pair yesterday. Not as cool as yours though!

Mykita glasses.? Nice.
I see they just recieved a product design award they must be doing something right…are they more of a luxury centered brand? Do you know where there designers are based out of? It looks like their design team really did their homework. Nice I like handmade stuff…especially sheetmetal.

Very Phd. Do you know what the maker is?

I find it really interesting that some makers are really creative with their model names. Alright people let me see your eyewear. No pun intended!!! I’d like to see what kinds of models others are wearing. Find it and Post it Fellas. Also post pros and cons that you have with your eyepieces.

Never heard of Mykita, but you should check out ic! Berlin. Perhaps the two companies are related. product looks pretty similar, both from Berlin…?

Made in germany, they are completely sheet spring stainless steel. The hinge is also a integrated design with no pin, and have nice details like surgical silicone tubing for the ears and nose.


Thanks for the compliment. I was looking for glasses that would give me a more professional, in charge, educated look. I guess I succeeded. The brand is Moschino, model M3128-V. Exciting stuff!

Their Site is very entertaining

Good one once again R…you just have got all the spot in Europe dontcha?

Yes…very italiano!!! I found this little quote whilst researching their brand…I thought it was kinda cheezy…hehe

Moschino: Moschino is designed for young people in the medium-high income range who love standing out through an object that has an unconventional style. Those who buy Moschino eyewear are youthful and nonconformist people, and choose an original, bold frame.

Currently I’m wearing Silhouette’s. No hinges.

Hmmmmm…do you like the silhouettes? I would imagine that they are nice and light once they are on your face…but doesn’t this force you to having to use 2 hands to put these glasses on?

Never heard of Mykita, but you should check out ic! Berlin. Perhaps the two companies are related. product looks pretty similar, both from Berlin…?

Yes, in fact they are both very similar. Mykita is a newer company than ic! Berlin. They are based out of Germany, and one of the lead designers left iC to start Mykita. Hence the similarity.

They cost and arm and a leg and the lenses have to be hand cut, but I like them alot. They weigh next to nothing, too.

The IC hinge is really cool, too. I almost got a pair of those instead.

My eyewear lady says your supposed to use to hands to remove your glasses otherwise your risk messing up the hinges.

Yeah the silhouettes are nice my brother has a couple of pairs…the only thing is that once one of the ear pieces breaks…the repairs are costly…more like irreparable.

frameless designs appear to be the trend right now.

I have a nice pair of ferragamo’s, but those silhouettes are really nice. Whats the cost of those frames?

I recently got these from Pro Design Dennmark and have been very happy with them.


Pro Design is awesome…I had a pair until my puppy chewed them up…but Pro Design does a great job…they have a ton of choices…where did you here about them?..I found out about them through my optics places…but their website is really neat…you can spend half a day on there!