Jeremy Petrus Selle Bench / rip off?

Hey all,

I’m referring to this design on the C77 front page, the Selle Bench concept by Jeremy Petrus…

Anyone familiar with this one…

Note the date, posted on Dec 26th, 2007

I’ve been a fan of that 2nd bench for some time now. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

Reminded me of:

Nelson Marshmallow couch (circa 1970):

Holy crap! That’s $11000 in Brooks saddles alone!

1956 – actually.

Hello Taylor Welden,

first things first, i did not know about that other bench of course,
so no ripp-off here … they are very different when you know about them …

Similar projects flourish all the time without consultation, i’m sure you would agree.

And for you and Mr-914, you should read the story behind this project
before posting something in a hurry. Please read and learn:

there is also this : Artwo | Elmanco



That bench looks cool, but as much as I love my Brooks saddles, I would not want to sit in it for an extended period of time. It looks extremely uncomfortable.

I really enjoyed the way you wrote about Mishmash, Jeremy. Two very iconic pieces coming together, and you do them both justice.

Also, I prefer your execution. Without question. The proportions really speak to Nelson’s original design. Awesome refinement!


Seems to me Mr-914 was spot on even without your didactics. I don’t think he can learn anything new from your links.

Jeremy: Yeah! I was right on!

Jeremy_ Thanks for posting in response to the discussion about your piece. The wonderful thing about the internet is that your work spreads around fast & people get to talk about it. Sometimes the agree with you, sometimes they don’t.

As for
“And for you and Mr-914, you should read the story behind this project
before posting something in a hurry. Please read and learn:”

All that Raymond said is that it seems inspired by the Nelson Marshmellow couch, which I would be surprised if that was at least not in your subconscious as any student of furniture design would know about the Nelson piece and the core concept is so clearly related to your piece. Let me stress that I don’t think that is a bad thing, actually the reverse. Everything comes from somewhere, intended or not.

At any rate, welcome, and I hope you participate in some of the other discussions that are not related to your work.



They look fantastic!!! Of course they are quite expensive but I think it worth it !!! I’d love to have one!

Way to go mr-914 !

And thanks Michael for your comments. I don’t enjoy talking about my work but as i do with my students,
i love pointing people in the right direction. I understood what Raymond said.

I can’t tell if you read the story behind that project,
but it is not subconsciously but very consciously that i have been merging the ideas of Castiglioni and Nelson
(although to be precise, i was Harper’s idea).

And yes, internet is wonderful :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work,