Jeff Smith/Blaster701 Student Workshops


I wanted to put this out there for you. I am a passionate believer in supporting design education. You are the future of our profession. Over the past few years, several students at a variety of schools have contacted me regarding workshops. The events, workshops and presentations I hosted at VT(2), RIT(2) and GT have been (to me) entertaining and effective.

If there are any students out there looking for hands on workshops, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My coroflot link and details are below in my signature.


VT last year

Jeff, awesome timing, we were looking for good events to throw in the winter for our Student IDSA group, and remember your past event post. I’ll be sure to send you an email shortly.

Right on, just let me know. I can still get direct into CVT!

Super fun Sharpie sketching workshop Friday in Atlanta. Thanks for coming out the IDSA Southern District conference and attending my workshop!


Had an awesome time at your sketching workshop on Friday afternoon in Atlanta, I’d seen you once before at GT a year ago. Always inspirational.


Right on Eddie. Glad you had fun.