Jeff Smith/Blaster 701 Sketch Videos

OK, finally took some time to get a few videos together. The first group here is from a Sketch Workshop I hosted at the VT ID department earlier this year. Some of the students gave me a push to get this moving by filming videos of my demos. I will try hard to add more to the Youtube channel I started. For now, this is a start.

Sharpie Sketch on Letter size paper.

Sharpie Sketch on Letter size paper.

Sharpie Sketch on Letter size paper.

Sharpie Sketch on Letter size paper.

My channel

Awesome stuff as always, thanks for sharing

Great work Jeff!!! Very inspirational. You make it look so easy.

Thanks guys!

Side note, if anyone knows how to embed the videos here…I am open to tips!

Just posted this ballpoint sketch demo today. Lamy ball point on copy paper. Freehand sans underlay.

OK, here is an old school ball point, marker and white pencil on Canson Sketch. This is so Old, it is new again. Second Canson sketch for the VT ID Department. Thanks again for the students who helped to video these!

I believe you do the youtube tag, and put the video code inside?

with just the code

tarngerine! Thanks man, I got it! Don’t worry about the reply to my PM.

Jeff, these look great. Thanks for posting them to core! I have a few more and a folder of pictures I’ll send your way. I know the VT department is looking forward to the next session.

Good stuff man. Mind if I get a few on the c77 blog?

@yo–are you referring to the pictures? If so, I can send them to you over “yousendit” which I have been using for getting the videos to Jeff. I will just need your email address unless you have another preferred method.


Right on! Thanks for thinking to Video the demos. I have done several events and you guys were the first to do this. I am working to head back to VT in the fall for a demo or sponsor a project. We will see what happens.

Yo, that would be great! I assume you will just copy the links over from YouTube? Let me know if I can help you out.

Yes, I’ll just grab the links. I will try to get them up for the Monday AM crowd, which always a good time to publish something like this.

Yo, that sounds like a great plan. Thanks again, and let me know if you need any support or details.

Here are some photos from the workshop–for more photos and details check out the VT blog at…

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Some of these may look good added into the front page post :wink:


I just looked at the blog, lots of additional pictures! Nice!


Note: me creeping around up top trying to record video :wink:


Sketchbook Pro demo.

Jeff doing his thing!

What I love about these kinds of videos is it settles me down…for the longest time, I tried to do all my sketches too fast. I blame an old teacher of mine that was more concerned about quantity over quality. Watching Jeff reiterates the fact that “speed” comes from slowing down. I really learned this while producing The Brief DVD…watching people who I respect and admire doing a certain skill is awesome.

Good observation and insight Jon.