Jeez, is EVERYONE out there working hard?

Just an observation that I would like to throw out there, but it seems like just about everybody (employed) I know, from my roommate the high school teacher to my other roommate the freelance graphic designer and even my friends who work as pro bloggers are working extended hours. It seems like there are few actual 9 to 5 jobs out there. It all appears as though over night everyone I know is pulling 10 to 14 hour days without much thought. For the folks that have been working for 15 to 20 years, is this a new phenom? Or has this always been the case with career based work and not just work? I’ve consistently held jobs since 17 and I’m 29 but I don’t recall seeing this. Even while at work just about everybody I know is AIM still at work when I’m at the office late. What gives?

Definitely. I’ve been working 50+hours week Mon-Sun for almost 9 months now. Wish I could find a good helper, but our company’s budget just doesn’t allow. But, bright times are ahead - we can definitely all feel it in the office. Meeting with one of the factories tomorrow and it’s Saturday. Sometimes I almost feel that my co-workers are becoming my family…

Economics. More work, same pay, less staff. Company breaks even stays in business. It sucks for everyone involved really. But I’m happy I’m employed.

Yea it’s pretty much the worst. You know how there are all those studies that show Americans are working harder and longer than ever, but are less happy?

Yeah. It makes me angry that people are grinding design and not enjoying their lives.

What kind of investment is there for the work done, though? One could work 50 hours a week and produce very little. Efficiency matters.

I think this is the worsts its been for me. Two twelve hour days before today and now I will be here from 9am to 12am WITH a high chance of weekend work. Oh yeah.

awwww come onnn… . … jeeeez.

You guys know what I do … or should say, haven’t done since March. I just signed with a company for a maintenance gig at a nuclear power plant; 6 - 12’s for six weeks; night shift 18:00-04:30. At the end of six weeks it’s back to no work.

The economy is in the phuckin’ tank and you all are whining about having to work … extra? You’re lucky to still have a job.

Excuse me, I gotta go find a beer to cry in.

I too feel efficiency is more important than raw time.

Working a 60 hour week might get you more work done if you do it for a week or two, but doing that for months will undoubtedly make you get less done than if you had worked regular 40 hour weeks.

I think it’s a little short sighted to say “oh let’s just work more and we’ll get more done” I also feel it’s extremely important not to neglect sleeping enough, I know lying in your bed doing nothing 8 hours straight isn’t exactly exciting stuff but that’s just how horribly we are designed :wink:

Experience and efficiency goes hand in hand. As you gain more experience, your bandwidth and productivity will improve along with it. I still remembered the days when I first started. It took a long time for me to make decisions and get the work done. But now, it’s second nature. I want something, it’s done.

I do agree that working long hours does not necessarily equate to productivity. I think being productive nowadays requires one to create innovative solutions that move us forward. This sounds all too familiar to us designers. What’s really tough about generating innovation is not the long hours that’s implied, but the many people that you’ll have to convince and network with. You almost have to change one’s culture first before creating innovation. Now that’s hard work.

I’m like at 32+ hours and it’s Tuesday! and Monday was Yom Kippur. Oh well…I got out early today as I had worked my eight hour workday before the office opened. If I where to sell crap on ebay I’d make more money, I need to just gear up and get my stuff (design self) on the market.

just dance, it will be okay.

Last year was rough, but I’ve since gone back to working 8-5 for the most part. Heck, I even find time to get in a bike ride during lunch! For what it’s worth, though, I’ve spent ALL of my other time doing freelance and working on Cerevellum, so I’d say I’ve been working, oh, about all the time.

I enjoy design, so the work doesn’t seem that awful bad.