Jealous Magazine

Hi everyone,

My wife and her friends have been working on creating a Chicago based online fashion magazine for close to a year now. It finally launched last night. They will be accepting submissions for articles relating to fashion, so any of you students, fashion, interior, footwear or home decor designers or even just general fashionistas out there looking to get published should take a peek.

I think the site looks great, and they’ve put a ton of hard work into it. I hope core77 doesn’t mind me posting this, (I don’t feel they are really a direct competitor) but I think there are a number of people on this site that might be interested in seeing what’s going on in Chicago’s fashion underground.

dunno what i clicked, but I crashed it. looks interesting, but can’t follow the layout, seem the same article is in multiple places. not sure if it’s just filler for now or what…


They are still getting all the bugs out. It should be working properly soon…Sorry.

no problem. totally understand. that’s why i just wanted to let you know. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Seems to be working now. On a side note, the font for the Jealous logo was created by they’re designer/web programmer Nathan Matteson. I really like the font.