JB design director video- speaks on the AJ 23...

This is Gentry Humphrey, one of the head guys at Jordan Brand.

Interesting tidbits about the AJ 23…

Nice Video.

cool video.
it will be interesting to see what “completely new construction” means. it would be cool to see completely unique innovation in that area. it’s crazy how this might be the last shoe; the brand however has taken on a life of it’s own beyond the air jordan shoes so it should be interesting to see the future.

KIANA: Hi, i dont think the 23 will be the last one. They should keep designing them because Jordan made so much impact on people, this series from the 1 to the 23 should go till the 60 or Air Jordan 100.
And “Maybe” if they keep designing the Air Jordans, one day i will be able to design one of them lolll :smiley: