Jason Schuler Web Portfolio (version 2)

Just finished updating my site…again. Thought I’d join the message boards and get some feedback on it. Let me know what you think. Thanks.



The gray boxes for buttons are too small I find myself having too pay special attention to click them. I am finding stuff small. You have tons of white space in your photo box. Utilize this space and have everything maxed to fit within reason. for example the lamp has tons of info and your only using 75% of available space. I wanna be able to SEE things.

Thanks for the suggestions, what does everyone else think?

I agree with Hoodzy about everything being so small. I shouldn’t have to struggle to read what is written, let alone struggle to see your images.

More emphasis should be put on the images.

It’d also be nice to see a link to your resume on there.

I think the main issue with the type is that it isn’t actual type, it’s an image of type (which makes it a little pixelated). I’ll try and recode it so I’m using type and not the image of it. Personally I like a nice amount of white space on the page so I’ll see if I can get rid of the multiple small images and substitute it with fewer larger ones which should help them read a little better. As far as content and web page layout what do you like/dislike? I’m going to start looking for internships soon so keep the comments coming. Thanks.

Size is a little small but it wasn’t killing me.

Overall solid stuff. Are you a senior this year? 4 or 5 year program at RT? You work seems familiar, did we meet at a portfolio review?

A couple of things, make sure your final product is more stunning than the images on your market research board. Right now it looks like you designed just another light, or just another helmet that sits along side of the other products on the market research board… make more compelling, higher quality design solutions. Your work should clearly kick the ass of everything on that market research board!

Also, do some consumer research boards. What kind of person is using this, when, where, how?

Can you identify any new market opportunities? The kitchen starts to get after that way of thinking, it is just presented a bit dry, very isometric… lets see images of people in loft kitchens who move frequently based on their global career or something…

I’d take the illustrator rendering section out and instead apply those skills to a project.

I’m a senior at RIT (4 year program). And yes we did meet at the NED conference in Boston during the portfolio review session.

Definitely some great points regarding the market research, I’ve been told by some to take it out completely and that potential employers don’t want to see that. I don’t really agree with that which is why it’s in there, but it could definitely be more extensive and pertinent to the projects.

The illustrator stuff is purely a place holder at this point. I’m doing an independent study to work on my rendering skills and I’m planning on applying them to earlier work and I’m currently working on some new stuff to apply it to (hard to get stuff done on the side when you’re taking 20 credits though).

I’m going to start mailing (yes actual envelopes) out teaser soon with links to my website so I want it to be as nice as it can be at this point. Any other advice for a soon to be graduating senior would be great. Thanks to everyone who’s commented already, keep it coming.

I’m horrible with names, faces I’m pretty good with, sketches I always remember. You have time, but not a ton, stay focused on creating dynamic and memorable work.

I went ahead and re-vamped my site. I took everyone’s advice and made my images bigger and got rid of the small button navigation. I also added two projects that I recently finished. I’d love to get some new feedback on what is and isn’t working as far as the site is concerned and also (especially) on my work. Thanks in advance.


I really appreciate how clean your site is and how fast I can flip through (yet still see everything). On that note it might be nice to have a series of several line descriptions explaining your process in a narrative format. I think they might help the viewer “read” the sketches more efficiently and get a better understanding of what/why you’re solving. Also be sure to set the white balance on your camera properly so the colours are right. A few minutes in photoshop can fix most of this and it goes a long ways towards upping the quality of your photos imo. This was just using levels + desaturating the background a bit to whiten it up.

Thanks for the input. A lot of the pictures of the models I made on the site were from a while back when I didn’t know what white balance was or how to use a camera properly (still need to learn a lot). And unfortunately a lot of those are long gone but I’ll definitely take your advice and go back and try to touch them up a bit.