After a whole day of Dreamweaver I finally have my website online.

Would be great to hear what you guys think? Typos? how it reads on your browser/res.?

Is it apparent there’s extra slides on the home page and about page?

I plan to eventually upload my full portfolio so that can be downloaded as well, right now it’s more of a little preview.



Black+ Blum? is that you? Were you at ICFF last yr? or was that just a side project kinda thing for them?

lol nah not me. They did a project with our class last year. Run by 2 guys, ex-grads of Northumbria.

Haha oh okay…

Anyways, I have used Autoviewer before and It can get a big lost but you did a good job using it… I really like the layout very clean and professional…

Good job

Awesome you have an internship with Salomon, love their snowboarding boots

Awesome you have an internship with Salomon, love their snowboarding boots

yeh its going well, snow should be here in a few weeks, can’t wait

great portfolio. good content showing the process and a variety of skills/projects and nice layout/graphics/UI.

some of the projects do present better than others however, esp. at the size shown where you can’t read the text…i’d suggest to perhaps get rid of/revise the ceejay one in particular, and i’d like to see even more of the sketches as you show in the first page with the shoe, and in the other project.

overall, i feel you have a good balance on the content and if I was a prospective employer, this would be a good overview making me want to see more. i assume you have a more in-depth portfolio with more work to follow-up on this?

only other small thing i can think of to mention is that you may want to rename the home page in the UI menu “portfolio” as if you are on another page it’s not 100% obvious how to get back to the portfolio content. there aren’t that many options so it’s not a huge issue, but just think a renaming of the menu item would help.

as an aside (not a big issue) is that i also somewhat dislike when designers have quote from other people in their portfolio. you may want to consider getting rid of the Robert Rauschenberg quote page and perhaps substitute with more of your own thoughts.I know this practice (of quoting others) is pretty common, but have never found it to add much. anyone can google an interesting quote, but i’d be more interested to hear you own thoughts on an issue than someone else’s.

I do however really like the humble and honest tone in the “about me section” and how you have learnt to appreciate modeling and sketching in communication. it shows a very mature and open thought process which is very important.

good work!


Nice job. Clean and simple!

Thanks for the replies!

Rkchinsky: Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
I know what you mean about some projects not reading aswell as others, especially the speaker what at the end, text is way to small. Do you mind me asking what you didn’t like about the presentation of the CeeJay light?

My portfolio is basically the majority of these projects, in more depth, give or take a couple more projects. I plan to have it available as a pdf in the top right hand corner for download. Do you think this is a good idea? Or is it better to let people contact me if they want to see more?

I know what you mean about the quote, was a bit unsure about it, and I see how it’s pretty irrelevant. Think I’ll get rid of it, especially since I plan to add some more slides in that section on other skills, presentation, research etc etc.

As time goes on I want to develop the slides on the home page so they’re a bit more consistent, tease a bit more etc etc. Right now my work is all over the place, in different page sizes, and it’s a pain when it comes to putting together portfolios… When I get back to uni I’m going to make sure every project I complete I have 3 presentations, one for the project, one a3 portfolio, one 800x600 for webiste/mini portfolio - because it;s been doing my head in resizing massive a3 files!


Hey there

Nice portfolio, looking good.

You’ve got some great sketchwork, would be good to see some more.

The Salomon placement sounds really good! You’ve done well to get 2 placements in, not many manage that. + being there for the winter must be great.

Keep up the good work mate.

Will have to add my placement review on your DFI group.


Nice and clean. Unique set up without being “tricky”, nice job!