japanese shoes

hello there!
i am an industrial designer who is specializing in shoe design.
i am looking for some information about japanese fashion or - if to be more precise - i need a list of shoe-brand-names which are “hot” today in japan or maybe links to relevant web-sites…
is anyone here from japan?!
thanks in advance

do you actually eat that stuff? tamarhindy i mean!

not on a regular base but it’s kind of tasty for us in the middle east…

what kind of shoes - they wear every kind of shoe - its a broad spectrum

well, in general i would describe the style i refer to as “avant-garde”. meaning, wacky street fashion (all this crazy stuff you can see inside the book “fruits”) but also more elegant avant-garde.
i know it’s quite a broad spectrum but that’s exactly what i need - the broad spectrum of the very typical modern japanese style.