Japan Earthquke Relief 日本の地震救援

If it’s funds you’re after, isn’t the Red Cross the best way to get it done?

Maybe a 1hrdc to design something small that could be sold on the core77 hand-eye supply store, benefits going to Japan.

Maybe a t-shirt, or mug or water bottle… Some design graphic that incorporates Japan support and Core77/Industrial Designers.

Just don’t try this;

I don’t think they should have had to apologize. Sure, in a perfect work companies would just donate money to help but I think donating money in exchange for a little publicity is fine by me. They more money the better.

Here in Shanghai, after the Sichuan earthquake. It seemed mandatory to publish how much an entity had donated. It was a strange situation. The large companies and multinational corps were basically put into competition with each other for a decent level of donation. The apartment compounds had a big chalkboard at the front gate, listing the individual residences and the amount that they had donated.

Peer pressure as opposed to private giving. Arm twisting approach, but somehow I’ll wager the end effect was a multiple of money raised.

I’m sure that many of us will donate and keep it private. There are merits to looking at other models though, this is a devastating situation.

My girlfriend is Japanese, I will check with her on what she feels is the best entity to donate money to given the changing situation. I will post it here.