James Dyson - Creating a Vacuum that sucks.

Readers Digest has an article on James Dyson


i did a search to see if anyone has posted this already but couldn’t find anything.

They work nice, but they are not lookers.

not in the traditional sense, but given that at the time they were released, if all the other vacuum cleaners were super models, the dyson was the android cyborg from outer space.

Sometimes to prove to that you are radically different on the inside, it helps to be radically different on the outside. I give them credit for creating a revolutionary and unique aesthetic that was instantly recognizable (and for having the guts to not water it down) which has since been copied by all the other guys)

(i haven’t read the article, yet, but I will :wink: )

FYI, James Dyson is the worlds wealthiest Industrial Designer. Nice job.

i guess to get through 5,127 prototypes, you’d need to be wealthy…

Depends on the fidelity of the prototype. This prototype of a surgical instrument from IDEO couldn’t have cost very much:

prototype on left:

Granted, vacuum cleaner prototypes are probably more expensive…


Yeah, that’s quite an accomplishment. It’s all about that IDEA x EXECUTION multiplier.

Thanks, caps lock make things more understandable.

He didn’t invent the vacuum cleaner, nor the suction technology that was a dust extractor he saw on top of a saw mill on his way to work (as documented on his website). What he cleverly did was adapt this technology to fit into the household cleaner.

In my opinion he is not the worlds wealthiest designer (is that Stark?), he’s an inventor (as described on his website) and I also think a lot of his stuff whilst recognizable is uuuuugggglllllyyyy.

I have respect for him, because he stuck at his dream, but recently that respect has dropped. When he released this advert in the UK.

4 fixed wheels won’t go around corners (well yeah) but no other competitor product has 4 fixed wheels, they all pivot and have done so for years. Its badly misleading and surprising from someone who prides themselves on engineering. The ball cleaner is difficult to use for people with limited wrist strength because of the amount of twisting. Also how many items of furniture in the home are curved to roll around as advertised? Gimmick?

[quote=“product tank”]In my opinion he is not the worlds wealthiest designer (is that Stark?), he’s an inventor (as he describes himself on his website).


I will have to disagree with you. Even though he says he is an inventor, it doesn’t mean he is not a designer. He uses information from the market and generates concepts. He wanted to created a bagless vacuum that was powerful enough to use because that what people wanted to see. Also, using a ball vacuum is much different in the pivoting movement than any other style. He did not invent the wheel he just became innovative with it.

to me that sounds a lot like Industrial Design.

Unfortunately the Dysons I have used do not vacuum very well.

It’s hard to knock his success.
It helps that his trust fund paid for the engineering team and fifeteen years of development. And no, according to Consumer Reports they don’t suck as well as Hoover/Dirt Devil.
Marketing genius: launching a radically different vacuum, costing ($500US) twice as much as the nearest competitor and capturing half the market!

I think that is very well put.

Rainbow is a much better machine!

I have had the opportunity to play with both (I hate vacuuming BTW) the Dyson top of the line and the Rainbow machine and I have to say that the Rainbow is much better. http://rainbowsystem.com

Both brands sell differently but occupy the same market. The rainbow uses a spinning water reservoir to rid the suction debris of all particles inducing dust and pollen. Plus it has a HEPA filter at the end. The Dyson HEPA filter just clogs and quits working after any serious suction of dust… except you don’t really know the thing quit working.

The rainbow coast considerably more tho… And one of the more successful companies in MI

I think the Rainbow machine is flawed. Water is heavy and conducts electricity.

Why would you want to slosh that around your house!?

We will definitely not be seeing that in any museums in 50 years to come!!


:laughing: museums? The rainbow likely will still be in production and selling in 50 years (some version of it) becauce physics dont change with fasion. Water is heavy, yes it is and its smack down good at trapping dirt and pollen, is recyclable and cheap to replace…win for the rainbow. It conducts electricty, why yes it does, better turn of all your water feeds, dont use a steam iron or a water heater…might get zapped you know :wink:

I had a rainbow that was bought new in the 70’s, was still working perfectly 20 years later. One of the demo’s was to just fill the tank with clean water, fire it up with the nozzle up in the air, come back in 10 min and see how much sluge you got…A LOT. Its a great product.

My parents had a 1956 Hoover Constellation. It floated on its own cushion of air generated by its exhaust exiting under its base. Very maneuverable and easy to use.

It worked for years.