Jaimie Chan's Portfolio Feedback

Hi all,

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I only recently found this discussion board and really respect this community and how detailed/thoughtful the feedback people take the time to write, to help each other. I have been struggling with finding a job/internship after graduation (not getting replies after applying), so been trying to figure out what I can do differently/work on. One of those things is revamping my portfolio and figuring out areas that I can make improvements on through feedback.

So I’ve decided to post my portfolio to this discussion board, hoping to receive any honest constructive feedback/suggestions.


I’d really appreciate it and look forward to hearing/seeing your thoughts

Thank you

Hi Jaimie,
Thanks for posting. From what I can see you have good design abilities and the commitment to become an industrial designer. You have some creative ideas and can perform in teams which is very important. You should be able to get a job. From what I can see you can improve on the ways you communicate about your work and yourself - your future employer will want to know why to specifically hire you over all the others, what you want to offer and what your plans would be at that company. See if you can find something that sets you apart and put more emphasis on that to tell your own story. What you can also improve on are more in-depth explanations as to how you handle projects and make design decisions and optionally back it up with literature. In the meantime, keep moving forward by looking for various types of jobs that relate to you, work on projects and on your portfolio in the meantime.

First thing I noticed was only 3 Projects. Why 3? You surely have other projects you can show? Nothing your a fan of your old work? Then stay up late and add in some small passion projects.

(Edit: Ah theres mini school projects. Why are these separate? Your expecting someone to really dive in and read your menus to find these. I understand the reasoning. But maybe clump this into one project on your main page.)

Secondly. Outside of your Who Am I page. I don’t get any of your personality in the projects. What type of designer are you/ do you want to be?
Where are you applying? Seattle area is Microsoft/ Teague/ Artefact / Tactile /etc and they all have different feels/ require a different focus.

I see a quirky personality in your about me. Video Games comment. But it doesn’t come across in your work too much.

Your first project is a Furniture design. I’m guessing your not exactly going for furniture spot. So re order your projects to match the type of jobs your trying to get.

Your Video of the Luminaura is cool. It shows how its charged and stuff. You can really play this up with some better photography and gifs. Almsot didnt watch the video but glad I did its a very cool feature.