Jaguar B99 concept

How perfect is this?

Gotta check out the gallery to really appreciate it:

I like this direction a lot. The grill and face might need to be calmed down for production, but in terms of stance, proportions, surface tautness, I think it’s spot on for the brand. Hopefully they can build off of this and develop this form vocabulary.

should turn into a Geneva recap/ reaction thread? I’ve been meaning to make one…

almost as pretty as the maser qport

Love the silhouette. Screams Jaguar to me.

The headlamps however… not a fan. They seem disproportionately small for the size of the car.

I do see a bit of Maserati Quattroporte, too.

Makes me think Bentley.

Brett: Re the Geneva reaction: Just do it!

Love it!! That rear camera display looks out of place though.

YES, this is a Jaguar. They did it. Captures the Britishness of the brand. Obvious influence from previous generations of XJ’s in there, but I also see a little XJS in the side glass, and I’m seriously impressed with this car. I would drive it. This car highlights how off brand their current product is, as I’ve said the entire time. I want this thing on the road!

I’m thinking the same thing, the iconic Jag shape is back! The proportions are right on though the wheels are on the large side. In any case, I can see stylish bankrobbers chomping at the bit for a nice clean getaway in this.

Or… how purrfect is this?
Yes, one of my favorites from Geneva this year!

I like the over all design direction as well. It’s silhouette is iconic, yet the details are new and refreshing. (Aside from that LCD mirror…)

I hope to see this carried over to the rest of their line up.

All that work, and then the rear view LCD screens.

I noticed those the other day. The interior refinement definitely isn’t there in general…but the exterior shape is fantastic. I hope they actually start pushing their designs back into “this looks like a Jag” territory and not “I found this sketch in the Aston Martin scrap pile!”

Design and development costs 225,00.
Show ready, one off prototype cost, 780,000.
Rear view LCD system casing, sourced through $2.54

Effect on perception of overall interior design, -15%


agreed. That interior is pretty poor. plonked on centre console, bright red backlights, poo-brown on chocolate color scheme, and that horrible plastic zebrawood. it certainly doesn’t do the Jag brand justice.
the exterior shows alot more promise for the brand though. that detailing in the front grill is nuts!

merging this with the topic that already exists about this car… scroll down fellas…

It seems like they didn’t have time to finish the interior. There are no numbers on the gauges, no vents for the AC, no centre stack no an LCD for HVAC and radio controls. I wish they had just tinted the windows and locked the doors.

Thanks, Yo. Sorry for the noob move.

I like the side profile, especially the roofline leading towards the back; I think the great photography makes the design more than what it is. The front end just does not go well at all, especially from a 3/4 view -gimmicky at best. Straight on front end view is better, though. It also has a bit of Volvo feel to it. I hope they do more with the interior. The initial response to the interior, especially the steering wheel and front dash is,“Buick!” I’m assuming it needs more development. The seats also remind me of '70s American car seats; Vega comes to mind. Overall, the concept definitely has the Jaguar DNA insofar as overall line is concerned, but it also borrows quite a bit of design cues from Volvo, especially IMO.

no worries, happens to the best of us :wink:

Great looking car, horrible rear camera screen that won’t be in production anyway. There are tons of actual problems to solve in the automobile…