Jack's portfolio

I’ve just uploaded my coroflot folio and was wondering if you would like to give me some feedback. I will be putting more and better sketches up in time…
Thank you so much


I’m an idiot: my folio is at http://www.coroflot.com/jackgodfreywood

Thanks guys!

First impression from your coroflot portfolio site is “lackin interest”.

The images you have shown dont show much and while nice an clean are pretty plain and too interesting to draw someone in futher.

Lookming further into your projects (i picked the Nokia one), I would say again that your images seem too sparse and plain to communicate much.

I would much rather see some sketches, photos, mockups, etc. than only plain lineart.

Your lineart style is nice, and very clear, but overall I dont think there is enough to make someone really want to read the text and figure out what the project is about. At least pop in a photo or dynamic sketch to show some process or hint at the target.

Sorry to seem harsh, but I hope this can help. Looking further at your projects I can sense you have some good thinking and good ideas, but I would just recommend looking at your presentation to better communicate them.


I agree with what R said…

There was nothing that really drew me into your portfolio to make me say wow.

One of the first things that I hope to see in a portfolio is some type of sketching… make it interesting, throw in a little marker or photoshop rendering. 3D models just arent cutting it for me…

You started doing it in one of the fileset with just some linework, but lets see some idea generation and how it changewd through the process…