J. Shoes

i allways liked these guys, but thought these where pretty hot:


the rest:


I liked the all blacks more. dunno about the sole design, but the materials are interesting.

“hoop” shoe - like basketball “hoop” shoe? looks more like a version of the dunk or air-force 1, with a driver or euro sport type construction.

the store had some nice stuff- a good link for the “links” post section


The sting ray ones are crazy.

I love them too, I know a couple of their designers, they are cool guys… :sunglasses:

looks like they are having fun with it.

nice quality, good detailing, but revised classic patterns that have been resused again and again is tiring. I see Medium, Diesel (or better yet GBMI), RedWing boots, Nike AF1, Gucci, Cole Haan and Kennteth Cole and Clarks (a lot of Clark’s) done in FG and exotic leathers.

whats really different 'bout these shoes that makes them noteworthy?

I’m askin here because i can understand if they are “cool guys in a neat studio” I know a bunch of guys in a neat studio who do cool shoes and they have fun doing it too. but really aside from the Sting ray leather and the bluesey bands that pimp em what really is noteworthy of their collection?

am I the only one takin crazy pills here??

I think the stuff is pretty original, TBH, I don’t see anything wrong with a new take on an old pattern, hell no one complains about that when they see blue jeans and not everyone wants to wear a circus on their feet.

That and I’m envious because I’d like to live in Thailand too… :laughing:

I totally hear you Supernaut, familiar uppers remixed with great materials, constructions and last shapes… BUT they did it really well.

While I would have trouble taking an AF1 and essentially restyling it, I would have no trouble wearing it. I know it’s kind of contradictory… such is life.

i don’t like the “hoops” ones, i know will sound rude but they remind me of shoes for disabled people. some of the details are nice but the overall look doesn’t impress me too much.

i think these look funny but there’s something about them that i really like…


They look cool on the website…would def. need to see 'em up close and personal. Who am I kidding, though. I can’t afford $300 for a pair of sneakers!

The ICe Cream are Ill, yes, I said Ill, I’m not sure how else to describe them. Is anyone familiar with this company? There was a comment about them being bettter then the lat batch, not something I want to hear when I am buying $200 sneakers